Meghan Markle pal Jessica Mulroney in cryptic post about ‘a******s we thought were friends’ after ‘white privilege’ row


MEGHAN Markle’s best friend Jessica Mulroney shared a cryptic post about her ‘true friends’ after a ‘white privilege’ row.

The Duchess of Sussex was said to have ditched Jessica Mulroney after she was at the centre of a Black Lives Matter row in June.

Despite the cryptic post, sources say Meghan Markle has stood by Jessica Mulroney
She posted the open dig on her Instagram page early yesterday
Sasha Exeter has spoken out on numerous occasions about her row with Jessica Mulroney which started over Instagram
Mulroney became embroiled in a social media war with influencer Sasha Exeter earlier this year

Mulroney was accused of using her ‘white privilege’ against a black social media influencer.

The celebrity stylist took to Instagram yesterday to write: “Thank you to our true friends for sticking by us. We could never have made it without you.

“Silver lining: we finally know the a******s who we thought were our friends. Best gift we could have ever been given.”

Whilst many social media users were quick to jump to assume it was a stab at Meghan, sources told The Mail on Sunday that the Duchess has privately stood by Mulroney.

A friend said: “Jess has been a really loyal friend to Meg, she has stood by her through some really tough times.

“Jess may have made an egregious mistake, but that doesn’t mean she’s racist.

“Meghan has stood by her privately and they’ve talked a lot. Jess was loyal to Meghan for many, many years. There was no way that Meg would let her down.”

Mulroney became embroiled in a social media war with influencer Sasha Exeter after being accused of staying silent amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

She recently told a source “petty s***” has been thrown around and she wants her voice to be heard. 

An insider told HOAR: “Jessica is still deeply upset by what has happened and how her life was turned upside down.

“She wants to fully speak out and is planning how and when to do that, but feels now is not the time as there is a movement ongoing. 

“She wants what she calls her ‘truth’ to be heard, and feels there has been a lot of petty s*** thrown around.

“Jessica feels she was portrayed as someone who tears other women down, which she says isn’t her at all.”

The source claims Jessica is still “struggling” with social media following the fallout as she’s bombarded with comments via direct message, and has been responding to some followers.

“She keeps saying she wants to quit social media but can’t help writing back to some people, telling them they haven’t heard the full story,” a second source added. 

“It’s only a matter of time before she spills all online or in an interview on what really happened, and she won’t hold back.”

Jessica, who is being represented by a new PR team after the row, teased a new project last week with a stunning Instagram pic as she bounces back in her career.

She lost her job on ABC’s Good Morning America, along with a number of fashion deals, as a result of the scandal – but says Meghan is in touch with her every day.

Posting a statement on her Instagram Story, she wrote: “I’m going to tell this once and for all. Meghan and I are family.”

The mum-of-three also posted a throwback shot in August of her son at the Duchess’ wedding, before promptly deleting it.

She originally posted the picture with the caption: “I see this and pure joy.”

However, she has since deleted the snap.

Marie Claire speculated that Meghan or “someone from Team Sussex” asked Mulroney to take the picture down.

The wedding stylist claims Meghan checks in on her daily and the pair are still "family"

The stylist claims Meghan checks in on her daily and the pair are still “family” 
A source claimed Jessica is still “struggling” with social media

The mum-of-three also posted a throwback shot of her son at the Duchess’ wedding in August, before promptly deleting it