Meghan Markle sparked row between Prince Harry and David Beckham after accusing Victoria of leaking stories


PRINCE Harry confronted David Beckham over fears Victoria leaked stories about Meghan, HOAR can reveal.

During an astonishing encounter, Harry expressed Meghans concerns that details of their friendship appeared in the press.

Prince Harry was forced to confront David Beckham after Meghan accused Victoria of leaking stories

While the two couples have since patched up their differences, they experienced a brief cooling of relations.

The row happened in the wake of a story in HOAR in December 2017 about advice Posh Spice, 45, gave Meg ahead of her move to London.

The article revealed the mum of four, had suggested a list of facialists, hairdressers and stylists to use.

A source said: Victoria and Meghan hit it off from the off, and as two high profile women in showbusiness, were in regular contact at the start of Megs relationship with Harry.

The row led to a brief cooling of relations, resulting in the Beckhams being mysteriously absent at the exclusive ‘evening do’ after the Royal Wedding

Harry wanted to deal with the matter head-on but David was mortified and ‘it certainly made things awkward for a while’

When Meghan moved to London, Victoria shared a whole bunch of beauty tips but not long after, some of these emerged in print and Meghan was furious.

Inexplicably, she feared Victoria was behind it I mean, the idea that Victoria Beckham would be personally ringing journalists to give them a scoop is ridiculous and spoke to Harry about it.

Harry is very protective of Meghan, and decided to deal with the matter head-on, by directly contacting his good pal, David.

Harry was very polite, but obviously it was a pretty awkward exchange and David was mortified.

David and Prince Harry have been friends for years having met through various charity initiatives

“He quickly put Harry right, and the two men agreed to move on but it certainly made things awkward for a while. It later turned out the leak probably came from a beauty salon. Afterwards, they got things back on track, but it took a few months.

The Beckhams were conspicuous by their absence at the exclusive evening do after the Royal wedding in May 2018.

David, 44, and Harry, 35, have been long-time friends through various charity initiatives and famously helped the UK secure the 2012 Olympic Games.

Meghan and Victoria bonded after the star started dating the prince.

There has also been tension between the couples over Victoria’s fashion line as Posh refuses to give out freebies

Despite previously saying she would never wear one of Victorias pricey designs because of the wrong silhouette Meghan has since sported several.

The 1,400 Vanity Top Handle Bag she wore sold out in hours after Victoria linked a video to it on her Instagram page. However, the lending of Victorias outfits was previously a source of tension.

A fashion insider added: Victoria doesnt do freebies its a principle shes had since day one, and she has stuck to it doggedly.

But obviously when representatives for the Duchess get in touch to ask if Victoria can commission and send over some outfits, the subject of money is difficult.

Meghan Markle
A source says Meghan’s Hollywood background, where designers flock to dress stars, means she probably wasn’t aware of the regulations around gifting

There are also strict Palace guidelines about gifting to be taken into consideration.

“But given Meghans Hollywood background where designers flock to dress starlets understandably she probably wasnt aware of all the regulations.

It all got cleared up, and of course Meghan is now happy to pay for anything.