Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas has ‘finally given up hope’ of reuniting after bombshell book revelations, Thomas Jnr claims


MEGHAN Markle’s heartbroken dad Thomas has “finally given up hope” of the pair reuniting after revelations in bombshell royal expose Finding Freedom, claims his son Tom Markle Jnr.

Her bitter half brother – whom she is also estranged from – said: “As far as a reunion goes, he’s given up on Meghan and Harry completely.”

Thomas Markle has reportedly not seen his daughter, Meghan Markle, since before she married Prince Harry

Meghan’s dad, Thomas Markle, with a photo of the happy couple – who have since quit the UK

The royal’s 53-year-old half-brother told the Mirror that his dad recently celebrated his 76th birthday and “needless to say, he didn’t hear from Meghan”.

Her upset dad was said to be stunned by allegations in Finding Freedom, being released on August 11, linked to the row over Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding in May 2018.

Thomas Markle and his daughter have remained estranged since her marriage, which he couldn’t attend because of heart surgery.

And he disputes allegations that he snubbed text messages and phone calls urging him to attend the nuptials at Windsor Castle.

Thomas Markle and his daughter in happier days

The dad and daughter were extremely close before the royal wedding

Prince Harry, 35 and Meghan, 38, have distanced themselves from the book on their time in the royal family, saying they were not interviewed for the biography and did not make any contributions to it.

Tom Jnr, who speaks to their dad daily, said: “It says Harry spoke to our dad to say if he’d listened to him – Harry – there wouldn’t have been any problems. That just did not happen.”

Meghan’s dad apparently “doesn’t trust his daughter, and doesn’t want to know that person”, Tom Jnr added.

As a result of the lengthy estrangement and growing resentment between Thomas Markle and his daughter, he plans to spend his retirement years travelling the world, the Mirror was told.

Tom Markle Jr has hit out on behalf of his dad after excerpts of the new royal book were serialised
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have turned their backs on their royal life in the UK

Harry believed Meghan was not liked by some of his relatives, according to new royal expose Finding Freedom

The revelations come seven months after he accused his daughter of “cheapening” the royal family in a damning interview released a day after Buckingham Palace said Prince Harry and his wife would no longer be working members of the monarchy.

The monarchy was thrown into turmoil in January when Harry and his former actress wife announced that they wanted to reduce their official duties and quit the UK.

The couple and their 14-month-old son, Archie, now live in Los Angeles after they stepped down from their royal roles in March to forge new careers.

In January, they announced plans to lead a more independent life and to finance it themselves.

The book, entitled ‘Finding Freedom’, is due to be published in August

Thomas Markle has condemned his daughter for throwing away ‘every girl’s dream’

Prince Harry and Meghan threw the monarch into turmoil after announcing ‘Megxit’ in January 2020

Thomas Markle told Channel 5 news in a documentary that he believed Meghan was tossing away “every girl’s dream”.

“It’s disappointing because she actually got every girl’s dream.

“Every young girl wants to become a princess and she got that and now she’s tossing that away, for, it looks like she’s tossing that away for money,” he alleged.

Thomas Markle described the royal family as “one of the greatest long-living institutions ever”, saying that when Meghan married Harry in May 2018 they took an obligation “to be part of the royals and to represent the royals”.

“This is like one of the greatest long-living institutions ever,” he said.

“They are destroying it, they are cheapening it, they’re making it shabby.

“They are turning it into a Walmart with a crown of it now. It is something that is ridiculous, they shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I can’t see her reaching out to me, especially now… or Harry for that matter, but I think both of them are turning into lost souls at this point,” he said.

“I don’t know what they’re looking for. I don’t think they know what they are looking for.”

He said months ago that he didn’t expect his daughter – who celebrates her 39th birthday on Tuesday, August 4.

Finding Freedom also sheds light on the couple’s frustrations with the palace and press.

Above: the Markle family tree
The couple have a new life in Los Angeles

One of the book’s authors said the book was a ‘beautiful love story’

Meghan claimed she ‘gave up my entire life for this family’ according to the unauthorised biography