Mike Tindall shocks I’m A Celeb viewers as he gets angry and swears over campmate


MIKE Tindall stunned fans with an explosive expletive-laden rant over Charlene White not sleeping in the RV.

I’m A Celeb viewers couldn’t believe the new side they were seeing to the rugby star, who is married to Princess Zara Phillips.

Mike was fuming about his fellow campmate’s sleeping arrangements

Charlene has not budged over her decision not to sleep in the RV

Telly fans did not know where to look as Mike got angry and swore about his fellow campmate.

He said: “Why is she not sleeping in the RV? It’s f***ing annoying me.”

Mike later explained to the Bush Telegraph: “If Charlene went in the RV, then another bed becomes available.

“One less in the hammock, then hopefully that creates more, better night’s sleep for everyone.”

Fans flocked to Twitter to comment on Mike’s outburst.

One said: “I think Mike has had enough of Charlene not sleeping in the Rv.”

A second said: “Mike getting p***** off over Charlene.”

A third chimed in: “I agree with Mike.”

A fourth argued: ” No Mike. She doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to. If she’s not comfortable in the RV, she’s not comfortable. She doesn’t need everyone totally ganging up on her about it. Why was only Owen offering to swap?

Meanwhile fans think they have worked out the real reason why Charlene won’t sleep in the RV.

The Loose Women presenter is supposed to be sharing the space with Matt Hancock as deputy camp leader, but she has refused to so far.

On the first night Charlene was put off after spotting spiders in there, but viewers think she doesn’t want to share a room with the former health secretary.

Taking to Twitter to discuss it, one person wrote: “The only reason Charlene is not sleeping in the RV is cos Matt Hancock is in there #ImACeleb.”

“Charlene doesn’t want to sleep in the RV because Matt Hancock is in there too. Pretty obvious – nothing to do with spiders. I wouldn’t want to sleep next to that creep either  #ImACeleb,” tweeted a second.

While a third said: “Pretty convinced that Matt is the reason Charlene is refusing to stay in the RV? #ImACeleb.”

Mike was fuming over Charlene’s sleeping arrangements

The pair are supposed to be sharing the space togetherFans say Charlene’s not comfortable with her roommate