Mike Tindall slams ‘ridiculous’ England fans after breaking up fight between blood-soaked yobs during Euro 2020 final


DISGUSTED rugby legend Mike Tindall slammed “ridiculous” England fans after he broke up a fight between blood-soaked yobs at the Euro 2020 final.

Tindall, married to Princess Anne’s daughter Zara, is just glad their three children were not at Wembley to see the “unsavoury scenes”.

Mike Tindall and wife Zara had a much more peaceful watching the Wimbledon tennis final earlier on Sunday than the Euro 2020 showpiece at Wembley
Violent exchanges took places not just at Wembley but at venues like Piccadilly Circus

He was also shocked by the “disgrace” of ticketless supporters trying to storm the stadium beforehand and other fans conning their way in.

The 42-year-old told The Good, The Bad and The Rugby podcast: “A guy was there the whole time, smashed out of his face, literally didn’t watch any of the game anyway.

“He was just too busy shouting at supporters that they should be standing on their feet, ends up getting into a fight with another one that’s straight behind my seat.

“It got to a stage where this guy literally was trying to pile this guy in the face.

“There was a kid next to us. There was a kid on the other side crying because he couldn’t see the game because of all the guys stood in the galley way.”

HOAR revealed how Olympic equestrian star Zara, 40 wiped blood from a seat after her husband halted the brawl between two men.

A source said: “Two fans ended up in a punch-up and Mike had to step in to save the day.

“He stood between them and pulled them apart before stewards could get them under control.

“Unfortunately some blood ended up near Zara and she had to use a tissue to mop it up.

“It was absolute mayhem. Wembley were very lucky Mike was able to take control of the chaos.”

It all means, on top of England suffering shootout agony against Italy, the country’s FA also face big fans for a string of offences from supporters.

Europe’s football chiefs Uefa have already started investigating the violence, including fireworks and missile-throwing, plus a pitch invasion and booing of the Italy anthem.

Former Bath and Gloucester ace Tindall, who played 75 times for England, was also stunned by huge delays caused by fans trying to trick their way in.

He said: “Some people with actual tickets couldn’t get through because their mate had obviously taken a photo of it and had used it to get through and you can only get through once, so people were then trying to get double people through the turnstiles.

“The stewards can’t do anything, it was just something I’ve never witnessed before.

“All the people without tickets were just standing in the stairways, stewards were telling them to sit down, they don’t give a s*** because the stewards can’t do anything to them.

Mike and Zara Tindall will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary on July 30 this year

“Then going out and seeing the amount of smashed bottles on the way out, you could feel people being nervous walking out of there.

“We all knew that if England won, it would be the best night ever, if they lost, it’s like board up your shops. Why do we have to have that mentality? 


“It’s just absolutely ridiculous and it was an unsavoury environment to be in, and I wouldn’t have enjoyed being there if I had had my kids there.”

He added the poor behaviour was only from a “small minority” but argued: “It undermines what that England team has done, and that’s the biggest shame for me.

“I think that they’ve really galvanised the country after a really bad period and in one night it feels like it’s somewhat broken.”

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