Oprah ‘surprised’ when Meghan revealed concerns over Archie’s skin colour & Harry said he felt ‘trapped’


OPRAH said she was “surprised” when Meghan Markle revealed concerns over Archie’s skin colour and Prince Harry said he felt “trapped.”

Oprah was asked by CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King what details she was most surprised about that came out of Sunday night’s exclusive interview with the former royal couple.

Oprah gave her reaction to the tell-all interview this morning
The couple took part in an explosive two-hour interview that aired on Sunday

The talk show host said she was “especially surprised by discussions about what Archie’s skin tone would be. That surprised me.”

During the tell-all two-hour interview, the Duchess of Sussex said there had been conversations with Prince Harry and a “family” member about their unborn son and what colour his skin would be – and “what that would mean or look like.”

Markle added that her son was not made a prince after the “concerns and conversations” regarding his skin colour.

Oprah Winfrey today revealed it was not the Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh who made the comment about Archie’s skin.

She said she was shocked by comments about Archie’s skin colour

She told the trio of hosts: “He did not share the identity with me but he wanted to make sure I knew, and if I had an opportunity to share it, that it was not his grandmother or grandfather that were part of those conversations.

“He did not tell me who was a part of those conversations.”  

This morning, royal expert Chris Ship also confirmed that the allegations did not stem from conversations with the Queen and Philip.

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Prince Harry said he felt ‘trapped’

Meghan said Archie was not made a prince following concerns about his skin colour

He told Good Morning Britain: “It was a conversation that Harry had with his family members.

“I should be clear here, I’ve been told it’s not the Queen, and it’s not the Duke of Edinburgh.

“So that only leaves two family members.

“The two people you are left with is either his father Prince Charles or his brother Prince William or their wives.

Oprah conducted the exclusive interview

Unseen clips were also aired on Monday morning

“That’s pretty serious.

“They protected the Queen throughout this.

“But equally they are criticising the institution of which she is head, and therefore you’re criticising his grandmother the Queen.”

Alongside the colour of Archie’s skin, Oprah admitted that she was “surprised Harry told me he was ‘trapped’,” adding that she was not shocked that it happened, but that the Prince was telling her about it.

“You heard me say ‘woah’ on the tape, I can’t believe you’re saying this right now,” Winfrey added.

Oprah asked Prince Harry on Sunday: “Please explain how you, Prince Harry, raised in a palace and a life of privilege – literally, a prince – how you were trapped?”

“Trapped within the system, like the rest of my family are – my father and my brother, they are trapped,” he replied.

“They don’t get to leave, and I have huge compassion for that.”

Oprah Winfrey said the full interview was three hours and 20 minutes long and was edited down to one hour and 25 minutes for the US broadcast – and the most important question she wanted to answer was “why did they leave?”

She added: “The stories about blindsiding the Queen were very damaging to them and hurtful to them, there had clearly been months and months of preparation before they moved to Canada.”