People are just discovering what Prince Harry is called in Spain – King Charles and William have other names, too

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS - APRIL 22: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex visit the finals of wheelchair basketball during the Invictus Games at Zuiderpark on April 22, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands. (Photo by P van Katwijk/Getty Images)

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan” premiered on Thursday — but it debuted under a different name in Spain.

That’s because Prince Harry isn’t called “Prince Harry” at all in Spanish — and King Charles and Prince William aren’t called the same thing, either.

Prince Harry is known by a different name in Spain, and the revelation is shocking social media users

Harry & Meghan debuted on Netflix on December 8 but had a different name in Spain

TikTok user Sofía ( shared her discovery soon after the first three episodes premiered on December 8.

She uploaded a screenshot of what the Harry & Meghan landing page looks like on the Netflix app in Spain.

“In Spain they translated Harry’s name,” she wrote in all caps, filming a shot of herself with her hand over her mouth in shock.

The new title? Enrique y Meghan.

Some social media users were stunned to learn that Spaniards — as well as people from other Spanish-speaking countries — know the British royals by entirely different names.

“I never knew this was a thing,” wrote one commenter

“This was the biggest culture shock for me living in Spain too,” wrote another.

Others argued that it doesn’t make sense to translate names the same as words.

“How can you translate a name? A name is a name,” argued one.

“I’ve never understood this because yes that’s the Spanish version of his name but his name is Harry?” wrote one more.

But others noted that translating names has long been a custom with royals.

Harry’s family members go by alternate names in Spanish-speaking countries, too: King Charles is Carlos, Queen Elizabeth was Isabel, and Prince William is Guillermo.

Translating names has long been a custom with royals