Piers Morgan accuses Meghan Markle of playing victim card for attention leaving Susanna Reid furious


PIERS Morgan has accused Meghan Markle of “playing the victim card for attention” as he launched a rant against the Royals on Good Morning Britain.

The panel were discussing Hillary Clinton saying she wanted to “hug” Meghan Markle over her “racist and sexist” treatment.

Piers Morgan accuses Meghan Markle of ‘playing the victim card – Good Morning Britain

Taking a difference stance, Piers claims the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taken “a lot of missteps” and argued that the criticism they’ve faced is justified.

Referencing the “eco warrior” couple’s private jet controversy earlier this year, Piers said: “Can someone explain to me what is it that Meghan Markle is going through? What is this terrible ordeal? What is she going through?

“She’s living in a vast palatial home at the tax payer’s expense. I just don’t get it.”

The new mum said she is “existing not living” in their Africa tour documentary shortly before it was revealed she had launched a lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday for “unlawfully” publishing a letter she wrote to her father Thomas Markle.

Piers Morgan accused Meghan Markle of ‘playing the victim card’ after Hilary Clinton said the Duchess has faced ‘sexist and racist’ treatment

Piers – who is no stranger to criticising the couple – added: “She did a lot of missteps, her and Harry.

“Now they’re playing this massive victim card, no one is allowed to criticise them anymore.”

Jumping to the couple’s defence, Piers’ co-host Susanna Reid said: “You have a horrible way of describing it. Playing the victim card is a really unpleasant way of describing it.”

As Piers accused the couple of trying to “make people feel sorry for them”, Susanna replied: “Can I offer an alternative view?

“It’s not playing the victim card, it’s expressing the view that sometimes that criticism hurts.”

Meghan Markle said she was ‘existing not living’ in last month’s ITV documentary about the couple’s Africa tour

But this isn’t the first time Piers has launched a scathing criticism of the Duchess.

In September, the presenter accused Meghan of “hypocrisy” after she shared an inspirational Dalai Lama quote on Instagram about “compassion” when she reportedly no longer speaks to her father.

And last December, the outspoken host accused Meghan of “ghosting” him after became involved with Prince Harry.

In more Royal Family news, Kate Middleton could be lining up a TV project as she holds talks with the BBC.

And The Crown star Olivia Colman has confirmed that Prince Williamdoesn’t watch the Netflix drama.

Plus Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “will take a six-week break and head to the US” before Christmas, sources have claimed.