Piers Morgan branded ‘petty, fragile man baby’ by Good Morning Britain guest in tense debate about Prince Harry & Meghan


PIERS Morgan was branded a “petty, fragile man baby” by Good Morning Britain guest Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu in a tense debate about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle today.

Dr Shola was defending the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as 55-year-old Piers called for them to be removed from the royal family’s line of succession.

Piers was called a ‘fragile man baby’ by a GMB guest today

The outspoken presenter also insisted that he only turned on the pair after “the way they treated her father” – as he criticised the couple for having a sit-down interview with Oprah while Prince Phillip is in hospital.

Dr Shola accused Piers of having a personal vendetta against Meghan, telling him: “I may as well refer to you, Piers, as a petty, petulant, fragile man baby who can’t get his act together because they rejected you.

“And having a conversation with Oprah… That is not a problem if they wish to control the narrative around their lives.

“The fact it was on the same day as Prince Phillip, I don’t know what they were aware of – I don’t know if this was planned before either.

Dr Shola did not hold back during her appearance on the show
The pair clashed during a tense debate on Harry and Meghan

“Whenever they do anything it has to always be you and others who throw a spanner in the works and throw your toys out of the pram – like they’re planning to do something negative deliberately.”

Fighting his corner, Piers argued: “I was actually one of their biggest cheerleaders right up to the wedding.

“I turned after the way they treated her father, which I thought was disrespectful. Then after that, there seems to be a succession of times when this couple who quit royal life, quit royal duty for a life of privacy, actually did the complete opposite – they don’t want to be left alone, they don’t want to be private.”

But Dr Shola wasn’t convinced, telling him: “It’s because you were rejected, Piers” – referencing the presenter’s claims Meghan “ghosted” him after she met Harry having previously met him for a drink at his local pub.

Dr Shola later claimed Piers has a vendetta against Meghan because she ‘rejected him’
The presenter insisted he supported the couple before their wedding

Good Morning Britain viewers found Shola’s comments about Piers to be hilarious, with one tweeting: “Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu describing Piers Morgan as being a petty petulant man baby on #GoodMorningBritain is an excellent way to start the week!”

Another agreed: “I bloody love @SholaMos1. We need more people like her. Piers the petty, petulant man baby is my favourite new phrase.”

A third wrote: “Hearing @piersmorgan called “a fragile man baby” has gave me a right giggle”.

And Piers also appeared to take it in his stride, retweeting a message about the comments and adding crying-with-laughter emojis as he admitted: “Dr Shola has a good line in insults… but I like her style.”