Piers Morgan claims hes the victim of racism after being called fat white gammon on Twitter in Meghan Markle row


PIERS Morgan today claimed he has been the victim of “racism” after being called a “fat white gammon” on Twitter.

The Good Morning Britain host lashed out at suggestions coverage of Meghan Markle has been racist – saying there had been “legitimate” questions over her and Prince Harry’s conduct.

Piers Morgan argued he had been racially abused on Twitter
Piers Morgan said he was abused on Twitter
Piers Morgan said he was abused on Twitter for being white

And he instead claimed he himself had been the target of racism on social media.

Speaking today, he said: “On social media, I get called a fat white gammon all day long. That is also racist.”

However fellow panellist Grace Blakely burst out laughing, saying: “That’s not racist, they’re just insulting you.”

Piers then continued: “If you are called by ablack person a white fat gammon that’s racist.”

It was then that level-headed Susanna Reid jumped in, saying: “I don’t think we should use people’s skin colour to insult.”

In one tweet online found by the Sun Online, one GMB viewer wrote: “Fat white man continually shouts over the top of woman, then wants to know why she won’t answer his question. This is pure gammon TV.”


The fiery panel debate came as Piers blasted Meghan and Harry for being “spoiled brats” who had “rail-roaded” the Queen with their demands.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they were quitting as royals and planned on living in Canada part-time in the bombshell announcement.

Her Majesty released a strikingly personal statement after crunch talks at Sandringham on Monday – saying she would have preferred them to stay on as full-time royals.

They have been widely criticised for their decision to quit.

During today’s debate, Piers argued: “The coverage was universally tolerant, accepting – then came their rather hypocritical conduct.”

And the GMB host said the couple had faced both legitimate praise and criticism during their time as royals.

He said: “When people say to me, the press has been racist and the wider public has been racist, I find it grotesquely unfair to smear everyone in that way.”

It comes after Meghan was spotted overnight – jumping onto a seaplane in Canada after Prince Harry spoke with the Queen about their future.

Meanwhile, bombshell court documents have claimed Meghan was behind the smear campaign against her father.

The documents have been filed by the Mail On Sunday as it fights a legal action bought by Meghan.

They say intimate details of her broken relationship with Thomas, revealed in a US magazine by five friends, could only have come from her. They also accuse Meghan of scheming to use friends to pressure UK journalists into dropping stories about her.

She is suing the newspaper for damages after it published a leaked letter she wrote to Thomas three months after herMay 2018 wedding. Meghan claims it was misuse of her private information and breach of copyright.

Meghan and Harry no longer want to be royal