Piers Morgan slams Meghan Markle over £21 vegan chai latte endorsed by celebrity pal Oprah


PIERS Morgan has called Meghan Markle’s investment in a £21 vegan chai latte a “load of old twaddle”.

The 55-year-old struggled to hold back as he gave his outspoken view of the Duchess of Sussex’s latest career move.

Piers Morgan ranted about his ex-friend Meghan Markle

She sent close pal Oprah a hamper after putting money into start-up brand Clevr Blends, which makes ‘superlattes’ in powder form.

“It’s a load of old twaddle,” ranted Piers on Good Morning Britain.

“This is how celebrity works. She decides to invest in this vegan latte business because she likes it.

Oprah was sent a hamper of the lattes to try

“She sends a load to her friend Oprah, who is fantastic, and she then drinks it on her show – massively increasing the value of the latte.

“Good luck to them right. Meghan has made millions by sending that parcel to Oprah after she just invested in the company and Meghan makes a lot of money.”

His co-host Susanna Reid then pointed out Piers has been sending his new book to celebrity pals to push out on social media.

“That’s why I’m absolutely not making judgment, except one thing…”, said Piers.

“I’m not a royal am I? We criticise Peter Phillips for flogging milk in China.

“Is she or is she not a royal? Is she under different guidelines. If you are completely detached then you can do anything you like. I

“I’m not passing judgement on the cynical commercial transactional element of all this…

“You think she can do little wrong, I think she can do little right.

“Would you pay $28 for a vegan latte?”

Meghan quit the Royal Family with her husband Prince Harry when they moved back to America this year for more “privacy”.

They have since agreed to be filmed for a fly-on-the-wall reality series on Netflix.

It had been thought that a £112million deal would have them work only behind the camera — but a source said Meghan wants the world to see the “real her”.