Prince Andrews decades of unpleasantness revealed from his huge ego to the diva-like meltdowns


FAR from being Prince Charming, the Duke of York is renowned for being breathtakingly arrogant, self-serving and boorish.

It came as no surprise to royal watchers, then, that so few have leapt to his defence during the worst week of his royal life and so many have seized the opportunity to stick the knife in.

Prince Andrew is known among royals for being breathtakingly arrogant, self-serving and boorish

So it came as no surprise that so few were in his corner in the wake of his Newsnight interview

Here we explain how this rude royal ended up isolating himself and found loyalty to himself in short supply

Decades of unpleasantness have left the 59-year-old isolated, with only his perpetual ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, left to fight his corner.

A source said last night: Prince Andrew has very few friends. And most of his older friends have dropped him as too pompous. His days are rather empty.

It was his signature arrogance, baffled insiders say, that convinced Andrew against advice to go through with the Newsnight interview about his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

He must have believed he would be charming enough to see off, once and for all, the allegations that he slept with teenager Virginia Roberts something he strenuously denies.

In reality, that plan has spectacularly backfired. Charm has never been the princes strong suit.

Today Andrew cuts a lonely figure, with sponsors and charities rushing to disassociate themselves from the increasingly toxic princes projects and new allegations of racist remarks on top of everything else.

For a man who prides himself so much on his loyalty to his friends telling the Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis in his interview his fatal flaw is that he is simply too honourable Andrew has found loyalty to himself in short supply.

Here we look at all the ways hes driven people away . . .

The horrible boss

Prince Andrew treats his staff ‘in a shocking, appalling way’, making them shower him with adoration during his Dragons Den-style Pitch@Palace events

ANDREW is notoriously rude to staff. One former royal aide confided: Ive seen him treat his staff in a shocking, appalling way.

Hes been incredibly rude to his personal protection officers, literally throwing things on the ground and demanding that they f***ing pick them up. No social graces at all.

Other flunkies are apparently expected to tend to his ego.

Private Eye has reported that during his Dragons Den-style Pitch@Palace events, his staff know to make copious notes and hold up recording devices while he holds forth so he knows they are giving them the adoration he is confident he deserves.

The aide rage

One incident with an aide got so heated that the Duke was told to apologise by Prince Charles, but he never did

IN September of this year it was reported that Andrew flew into such a rage at a top palace aide that Prince Charles had to step in to insist he apologise.

The fuming Duke of York got very cross in the heated exchange, said to be about a work-related issue.

It was reported that the row almost came to blows, with Andrew squaring up to the aide, although the Palace refused to confirm this.

Mortified Charles demanded his brother apologise something a royal insider said the Duke failed to do.

The rude language

It’s not just staff that he’s rude to – he has been accused of speaking ‘cockily’, verging on rude, during an official engagement

IN 2010, Wikileaks revealed a secret cable from a US ambassador who described how the Duke of York, then a UK special representative on trade, had spoken cockily during an official engagement, leading to a discussion that verged on rude.

In the cable, written in 2008, Tatianna Gfoeller, Washingtons ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, wrote of rude language la British and described how Andrew had railed against the Senior Fraud Office and journalists who poke their noses everywhere and made disparaging comments about France.

It seems that Andrew had a peculiar knack of offending the very people it was his job to court on behalf of British business during his dubious tenure as a trade envoy.

The buffoon highness

Sir Ivor Roberts told how he ‘rubbed people up the wrong way’, leaving others to clear up the mess he left behind

SIR Ivor Roberts, an ambassador to Rome between 2003 and 2006, described how Andrew rubbed people up the wrong way.

When one head of a major fashion house introduced herself, he rudely responded: Never heard of you.

Sir Ivor said it was down to his team to clear up the mess Andrew had made.

Britains former deputy head of mission in Bahrain, Simon Wilson, has also described how officials gave Andrew the nickname His Buffoon Highness, because of how he would childishly do the opposite of whatever had been agreed ahead of a visit with staff.

Mr Wilson added waspishly: Colleagues put this behaviour down to an inferiority complex about being mentally challenged.

The protection racket

The Duke always had to get his own way and was angered when security were doing their job and trying to protect his mother

THIS is a prince who likes to get his own way, even if it means abusing those meant to protect him and his gilded family.

Paul Page, a former royal protection officer, told how Andrew had screamed at security when they rushed to investigate an intruder lurking in the corridor near the Queens bedroom only to find it was actually the prince.

Faced with officers simply doing their job, Andrew yelled: This is my f***ing home, I can go where I want, now f*** off.

The jet-setting snob

The prince, dubbed Air Miles Andy, had a royal meltdown when he was told to go through normal airport security procedures

FAMOUSLY dubbed Air Miles Andy for his incessant jet-setting, the Princes overseas visits not always ran smoothly.

He had a meltdown at Melbourne airport in Australia, in 2005, refusing to go through the normal security procedures like the rest of the riff raff.

But indignant Australian officials refused to indulge him. One later told local Press: Who does he think he is? What a pompous prat.

Everyone has to go through security screening. He should be happy to do so and set an example.

The guest of dishonour

Instead of staying at the British High Commissioners luxury Delhi residence, Andrew splashed taxpayers’ cash at the eye-wateringly expensive Maharaja Suite at the Leela Palace

MANY have given in to his outrageous demands over the years including the Foreign Office.

During a trip to India in 2012, when Andrew refused to stay at the British High Commissioners luxury Delhi residence, as his brother and heir to the throne Charles had done on a previous visit, he instead stayed at the eye-wateringly expensive Maharaja Suite at the Leela Palace at UK taxpayers expense.

The missing mates

Apparently he is ‘incompetent’ when it comes to his social life, so he’s either alone or surrounded by ‘incredibly dodgy people’

PERHAPS it is little wonder that this petulant prince has few real friends.

A source who has known him for many years said Andrew was incompetent when it came to his social life.

The source went on: He surrounds himself with these incredibly dodgy people.

He travels so much, when he comes back he is either playing golf, if he can find any friends to play with, or he is leading quite a lonely life. Its not like he goes to parties all the time.

He has got these so-called friends who drop by when he is in this country, and there is usually a stream of transient girls.

The mummy’s boy

The Queen’s favourite son has indulged his every whim – breeding in a stubborn streak

ANDREW’S biggest problem, many believe, is that he is a classic spoiled younger son.

For years the Queen who is said to view him as her favourite has ignored his foibles and indulged his every whim, breeding in a stubborn streak.

One former friend confided: Andrew does stupid things out of hubris, to show that he can do them…He thinks he can power his way through everything.

Rammed gate with his 4×4

Instead of taking a minor detour Andrew decided to try and ram the broken gates open

ANDREW often acts like a childish yob, such as when he rammed gates near his home with his Range Rover.

He was travelling to Royal Lodge in March 2016 when he arrived at Windsor Great Park to find the gates sensors broken.

He could have taken a one-mile detour. But no.

He threw a tantrum and tried to ram the gates open, causing thousands of pounds of damage to them which the taxpayer ultimately paid for.

Joker prince so egocentric

Many guests have claimed that he was only happen when he was either speaking about himself or had women fawning all over him

GUESTS who have been to parties with Andrew say he is only really comfortable if he has women fawning all over him.

He is said to struggle when the conversation is about anything other than himself.

An acquaintance said: One minute youre having your bum pinched, the next he is reminding you he is Your Royal Highness.

Another said the prince was, boorish, and added that he, interrupts you and laughs at his own jokes.