Prince Charles asks Katy Perry to sing to his plants to help them grow and she happily obliges


KATY Perry has revealed that Prince Charles asked her to sing to his plants and she has promised to do so.

The pop star was speaking at a reception for the British Asian Trust last night, where she was appointed an ambassador for the charity.

Katy Perry has revealed that Prince Charles asked her to sing to his plants

Speaking at the event she said: I am excited to be here because I am a big fan of His Royal Highness, of all the work he has done and is continuing to do, especially in India with children.

In my own personal experience he has an incredibly kind soul. So kind that sometimes he talks to his plants and he asked me if I could sing to his plants, and I will in the future.

You have my word sir.

The Prince of Wales was then brought up on stage where he was quick to thank the singer for her words.

She made the revelation at a reception for the British Asian Trust last night

He said: Im enormously grateful to Katy Perry for such a kind introduction, which she told me just now she wanted to make slightly more spicy, but I think she resisted temptation.

He went on to speak of her appointment, adding: But I must say it was a great pleasure to have met her in Mumbai last November at a gathering for the British Asian Trust council members, on the day before my birthday.

Meeting her turned out to be a wonderful birthday present, given Katys long-standing commitment to charitable causes around the world.

The Prince of Wales appointed Katy Perry as an ambassador for the charity on Tuesday night

I am delighted to be announcing that she has most generously agreed to become an ambassador of the British Asian Trusts Children Protection Fund for India.

The singers new role has been met with much controversy, with many arguing that it promotes the white saviour idea.

The charity was set up by the Prince of Wales in 2007 and aims to “support the development of South Asia so it is free from inequality and injustice”.

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