Prince George makes cheeky complaint at Wimbledon – but royal fans all sympathise


IT’S his first ever Wimbledon visit – so naturally, Prince George is dressed for the part today.

To mark the special occasion, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have dressed their eldest son in a smart navy suit and tie as they watch Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic battle it out on Centre Court.

Prince George complained about the heat when they arrived at Wimbledon

William could be heard expressing sympathy for his son and told him ‘it’d be fine’

And while Prince George has been on his absolute best behaviour the entire match, the eight-year-old did have a subtle moan to his dad as he arrived at the Championships.

Shortly after Kate and George arrived, Prince William was filmed giving them a quick hug in the reception.

As chairman Ian Hewitt led them to their seats, the doting dad asked his son if their journey across South London was “okay”.

While William strokes George’s hair, the eight-year-old quietly tells his dad: “[It’s] too hot.”

Expressing concern, William then replied: “Oh you’re hot, are you?

“It’s very warm today […] It’ll be fine.”

Kate then said: “You have to feel for the people sitting in the bright sunshine.

“We’re quite often sitting in the shade.”

Over on Twitter, royal fans expressed sympathy for Prince George sitting in a suit while temperatures in London soared to 28C.

One said: “Poor Prince George wearing a suit to Centre Court on a hot day.”

Another added: “Prince George looks very smart but could he not have been dressed more casually as it’s so hot?!”

A third wrote: “Is Prince George not overheating in that cute little suit?”

However, others said it was lovely to see the future King so dressed up for the royal box.

A fourth said: “Yes, it’s hot for Prince George, but I like people smartly dressed!”

“The suit is a uniform, like a school uniform or a military uniform – when you wear it you behave in a certain way,” a fifth wrote. “Prince George knows he is on royal duty today.”

As he starts to appear at public events in a royal capacity, the Duchess is reportedly the one who insists on eight-year-old George wearing a suit – like he has at the Wimbledon final today.

Referencing the royal’s formal attire at the Euros final last year, expert Duncan Larcombe previously told Ok!: “She was showing George that being ’on duty’ requires a different approach.

“He has to learn to don the royal armour.”

The Duchess is reportedly keen that Prince George ‘dons a royal armour’ on these occasions