Prince Harry accused of playing PR game at US memorial after attacking Royals on Netflix series


PRINCE Harry has been accused of a PR game — releasing pics taking the salute at a US base hours after attacking royals in a trailer for his Netflix show.

The Duke, who has been stripped of his honorary military titles, was seen at a Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii last month.

Prince Harry salutes US Navy servicemen in new photos from his surprise visit to Pearl Harbour on Veterans Day

Tomorrow he will claim in the last three episodes of his docuseries that lies were told to ­protect William and he will accuse the Windsors of “institutional gaslighting”. Meghan will moan she was “fed to the wolves”.

Royal expert Margaret Holder blasted: “Harry does not represent our monarch or military. This was a private visit. By doing this he is left wide open to accusations of running a blatant public relations campaign.

“I cannot see why the Americans allowed this. He has no real right to be there and take the salute from the current officers.

“It’s an indication of how much he values his connection with the Army which was the only time in his life he felt his role was valid and actually doing something on behalf of Queen and country.”

Meanwhile, a new YouGov poll found the popularity of the entire Royal Family has worsened ­during the row over the Netflix series.

Harry and Meghan’s reputation has plummeted the most.

Andrew is the least liked royal.

Last week’s three-part premiere of Harry & Meghan left the Royal Family reeling