Prince Harry branded a hypocrite after moaning about oppression — despite life of luxury and private jets

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PAMPERED Prince Harry has been branded a hypocrite after moaning about oppression — despite his privileged upbringing and life of luxury.

He spoke out after flying by private jet to a New York awards ceremony where guests paid $1million a table.

Prince Harry has been branded a hypocrite after moaning about oppression

Meghan and Harry with the Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2018

Harry was given a gong for “fighting racism” along with wife Meghan.

He wore a smart dark suit while she chose a one-off dress designed by Louis Vuitton’s creative director and a £74,000 emerald-cut aquamarine ring which belonged to Princess Diana.

Harry, 38, told the star-studded Ripple of Hope gala his plans to “sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance” were only just beginning.

Campaigners quickly pointed out the Duke of Sussex has spent his life in palaces with servants and guards, and handed cash from taxpayers and his father.

Born in a private hospital, he was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury and educated at Eton College.

After getting a B in art and D in geography at A level, he attended Sandhurst military academy.

He wed actress Meghan in a £32million wedding at Windsor Castle before being gifted nearby six-bedroom Frogmore Cottage by his grandmother, the Queen.

The newlyweds spent £2.5million of taxpayer money on refurbishments before quitting royal duties to move to the US, where they now live with their two children in an £11million mansion in California.

Last night, 33-year-old Emma O’Connor, who survived the Grenfell fire disaster in North Kensington, said: “He’s definitely hypocritical. Harry has never been poor, his life has always been full of money. I live in the richest borough and I’ve never been rich. I’ve never been blessed with people who care.”

Harry was heckled at the dinner over his and Meghan’s £90million Netflix deal, refusing to respond when asked, “Are you putting money before family?”.

Their new docuseries will air from 8am today — with lawyers and aides for the Royal Family set to scour it for inaccuracies.

HOAR understands Buckingham Palace is keen to avoid a tit-for-tat row.

But a source said: “If there are parts which are blatantly wrong, then it is only right that they are corrected.

“The trailers already have some glaring errors and misrepresentations, which doesn’t bode well for the full series. But the plan is to keep schtum and carry on.”

The first three episodes are thought to include allegations that the royal household briefed the press against them.

However, it is believed that none of the couple’s power pals will appear on screen — while not a single royal has spoken to the production team.

Glaring absences include so-called mates of Harry and Meghan, 41, such as Elton John, Vogue editor Edward Enninful, the Obamas or Oprah Winfrey.

The couple made at least 17 false claims in last year’s Oprah interview.

It is thought further inaccuracies and controversial revelations could breach the terms of their Megxit deal by failing to “uphold the values of the Queen”.

Under the terms agreed in January 2020, the couple said they would abide by seven guidelines drawn up by the committee on standards in public life.

These are commitments to selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

Harry and Meghan also agreed to stop using their Sussex Royal brand and to not use HRH when signing financial deals in the US.

There have been calls for the King to strip them of their royal titles but a source said the family “don’t want to look petty”.

They added: “You can never take away the title of Prince.

“But the titles Duke and Duchess were a gift from the Queen and that is a different matter.”

Buckingham Palace did not want to comment last night.

‘P***’ slur dad slams race gong

THE father of an Army officer who Prince Harry called a “P***” last night blasted the decision to give him an anti-racism prize.

Harry filmed himself insulting Sandhurst graduate Ahmed Raza Khan — a year after wearing a Nazi uniform to a party.

The Queen talks to Harry with fellow cadet Ahmed Raza Khan pictured in front

Ahmed’s dad Muhammad Yaqoob Khan Abbasi told HOAR: “He can’t teach lessons to others when he himself thinks on the ­racists lines.”

Harry apologised for calling Ahmed “my little P friend” when the video emerged in 2009.

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Meghan wore Princess Diana’s £74,000 emerald-cut aquamarine ring

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