Prince Harry Breaks Silence to Wish Father Charles a Happy 75th Birthday


Prince Harry's Surprise Call

Prince Harry surprised everyone yesterday by breaking months of silence to ring his father, Charles, and wish him a happy 75th birthday. It remains unclear if the busy King, who does not have a mobile phone, answered the transatlantic call amidst a packed day of engagements.

A Royal Celebration

Prince Charles kicked off his birthday celebrations by dedicating the day to helping those suffering from food poverty and recognizing the heroic efforts of NHS staff and midwives. He was joined by Queen Camilla in Didcot, Oxon, to launch his much-heralded Coronation Food Project, which aims to end food waste.

Ending Food Waste and Supporting Social Good

The Coronation Food Project, devised by Prince Charles, aims to work with existing food waste projects around the country to save and circulate more surplus food for social good. The project will raise funds, build warehouses, and provide necessary equipment like fridges, freezers, and refrigerated lorries to scale up nationwide efforts.

A Royal Visit to the Kitchen

During his visit, Prince Charles popped into the project's kitchen, where chef Alex MacKay and a team of volunteers were making hot dishes from leftover food. He also had the opportunity to chat with food "influencers," including 2021 Bake Off runner-up Crystelle Pereira, as well as CEOs from major supermarkets and food suppliers.

Recognizing Healthcare Professionals

Later in the day, Prince Charles celebrated the nurses and midwives who tirelessly work throughout the NHS. He hosted 400 healthcare professionals at Buckingham Palace, remarking on reaching his own personal milestone in the same year as the NHS turned 75. The event was attended by healthcare workers from various countries, including India, the Philippines, Poland, Kenya, and Palestine.

The Royal Family and Prince Harry

Prince Harry's call to his father comes after a period of strained relations within the Royal Family. Despite visiting the UK multiple times since the Coronation, Harry has not seen his father since May. However, sources suggest that Charles is keeping the door open for his "dear boy" and has extended an open invitation to meet when Harry is in the UK.

What's Next for Prince Harry?

It remains to be seen how Prince Harry's call will be received by his father amidst their previous disagreements over Megxit and financial matters. While some sources speculate that Charles may not take the call due to his busy schedule, others believe that he is willing to maintain a line of communication with his son.