Prince Harry moaned royal life is like ‘Truman Show’ and a ZOO – intimate Netflix show is SO TACKY, blasts royal expert


PRINCE Harry is a hypocrite for signing up for a fly-on-the-wall Netflix series after he moaned royal life was like the ‘Truman Show’, a royal expert said today.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly filming an “at home with the Sussexes”-style docuseries for the streaming giant as part of their multi-million pound mega-deal.

Harry and Meghan are reportedly filming a Netflix series which will give a glimpse into their lives behind the scenes
Prince Harry previously compared royal life to Jim Carey’s character in the Truman Show – who is constantly being watched without his knowledge

US reports claim the couple have welcomed cameras into their £11million Montecito mansion to film candid content, as the Kardashians did for their fly-on-the-wall show.

But the move appears in direct contrast to earlier grumbles from Harry, who last year compared royal life to Jim Carey’s overly scrutinised character in ‘The Truman Show’ and living in a zoo.

Royal biographer Angela Levin told HOAR Online: “It’s absolutely extraordinary, it shows what hypocrites they are and how they change their minds if it suits them. 

“He just complained that his life was like a zoo being in the Royal Family and yet he’s going to have people that are going to film every minute of their life in their own home.

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Harry and Meghan ‘are filming at home with Sussexes-style series for Netflix’

She added: “He said that he wanted to be private, he wanted to be ordinary and every time he heard a camera click it took him back to very sad memories of his mother – and now he’s doing all that.”

Harry made the ‘Truman Show’ comparison last year while talking on Dax Shepherd’s Armchair Expert podcast.

The film, released in 1998, follows the life of a man who is living in a reality TV programme, unaware he is being watched by millions of people.

Dax told Harry: “You’re in the tiniest in-group of all time, there’s the whole country and then there’s you guys.

“You’re standing in one direction and they’re is standing in another direction looking at you. I was likening it to The Truman Show – have you seen that movie?”

Harry responded: “Yep, yep. It’s a mix between The Truman Show and living in a zoo.”

According to Page Six, the Sussexes have been working with production crews for several months now – despite Meghan’s animated show Pearl being quietly dumped by the platform.

The streaming giant apparently plans to release the series at the end of the year to coincide with the publication of Harry’s bombshell memoir.

However, sources suggest the Sussexes have asked for the alleged docuseries to hit the small screen next year instead.

The news comes exactly a fortnight before the Queen and working royals stand on the balcony at Buckingham Palace for the Platinum Jubilee.

And Angela, who spent a year working with Prince Harry on an authorised biography about the duke, said: “It’s just really tacky. 

“We don’t know if they’re going to show their children that they’ve guarded so carefully and secretly, they might insist on that.

“If the moneys right or they risk losing their contract again I presume they will do that.”

She added: “The thing is if you allow people in, they’re very experienced at getting what they want and cutting out a lot of the stuff for the people that are photographing what they want.

“They get an image and it might be a disastrous one for them.

“It really has got such a bad taste to it.”

It’s not yet clear if Netflix has been given the green light to film three-year-old Archie and 11-month-old Lilibet.

However, just days ago, the couple said they are worried the youngsters will become “digital experiments” in a “world of hatred and harm” during an interview about online safety.

It suggests they may not allow their children to be filmed.

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But one insider described the plans for the docuseries as Netflix “getting its pound of flesh” from the Sussexes.

The couple have yet to release any real content, despite signing their $100m deal back in September 2020. 

The couple were followed by cameras during a trip to New York last year - and it's understood the royals have banned them filming content during the Jubilee

The couple were followed by cameras during a trip to New York last year – and it’s understood the royals have banned them filming content during the Jubilee