Prince Harry Not Forgiven by King Charles and Prince William, Says Royal Expert


Prince Harry's Brief Meeting with King Charles

Prince Harry has been sent a clear message that he is not forgiven by King Charles and Prince William, according to royal expert Robert Jobson. The Duke of Sussex met with his father for just 30 minutes at Clarence House, their first face-to-face encounter in 16 months. However, he did not see his brother during his visit to the UK.

Strained Relationships and Damage

Robert Jobson believes that the short meeting between Prince Harry and King Charles is indicative of the strain between the royals. He suggests that the absence of a relationship between Harry and Queen Camilla could be a reason for the brevity of the meeting. Jobson also notes that the duke's attacks on the royal family in interviews and his autobiography may have caused damage that is not easily forgiven.

Complexity and Drama

Jobson explains that the lack of contact between father and son has added complexity and drama to their relationship, which may have influenced the brief meeting. He mentions that the royals adhere to a strict schedule, and any changes can cause inconvenience. Despite this, Jobson commends Prince Harry for making the effort to visit his father and wishes him well.

Speculation and Bad Blood

The article mentions that Prince Harry's transatlantic visit has sparked speculation about the severity of King Charles's condition and stirred tensions within the royal family. Robert Jobson suggests that the lack of contact and the controversial actions of Prince Harry may have strained relations and not gone down well at the palace.

King Charles's Cancer Diagnosis

The article briefly mentions that King Charles is currently undergoing cancer treatment and has postponed his frontline engagements. He expressed gratitude for the support and highlighted the importance of cancer charities in his signed message.

Overall, the article portrays a strained relationship between Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family, particularly King Charles and Prince William. It emphasizes the brevity of the meeting between Harry and his father, suggesting that forgiveness has not been granted. The article also touches on the ongoing cancer treatment of King Charles, which has affected his duties.