Prince Harry says William’s team broke their brotherly pact – but takes some responsibility for fallout in GMA interview

Prince Harry on GMA

PRINCE Harry has unleashed more bombshells in a GMA interview to promote his book and claimed William’s team broke their brotherly pact.

The Duke of Sussex made the extraordinary revelation in an interview with Michael Strahan on ABC News ahead of the release of his explosive new biography Spare.

Harry dropped more bombshells during his interview with Michael Strahan

The Duke was promoting his explosive memoir Spare in the interview today

King Charles and Prince William feature heavily in Harry’s explosive memoir Spare

Opening up to Good Morning America co-anchor Strahan, Harry said he believes sharing “the truth” is what it will take to help bring peace between him and his family.

And he also touched on what his mother Princess Diana might think about the fractured relationship between him and his brother William.

The Duke of Sussex said Diana would likely be saddened by the situation and “heartbroken” how it’s ended up.

He said: “I think she would be sad. I think she’d be looking at it long term to know that there are certain things that we need to go through to be able to heal the relationship.”

Harry added: “I think she would be heartbroken over the fact that William, his office were part of these stories and William and I made a pact.”

The Duke also alleged that the people William employed broke a longstanding pact between the two brothers.

However, he did take some responsibility for the fallout when asked if he was responsible the Duke replied: “Without question, I’m sure.

“People don’t know the efforts that I’ve gone through to resolve this privately both with my father and my brother.”

Harry also said he believes that the British press has “always pitched” Kate and William against him and Meghan.

Harry’s explosive memoir has already sparked plenty of conversation after it was accidentally released early last week.

HOAR scooped the world by getting hold of a Spanish copy of the book everyone wants to read.

The “raw and honest” account dropped a number of bombshells including Harry allegedly coming to blows with his brother and begging his father King Charles to not marry Camilla.

Harry gave not one but two bombshell interviews yesterday, as he looked to promote his new tell-all memoir.

During the two explosive chats, Prince Harry shared revelation after revelation including claims he and Prince William clashed physically after the future king called Meghan Markle “rude.”

Last night, the Duke of Sussex claimed Kate and William stereotyped Meghan as a “divorced biracial American actress”, during an ITV interview with journalist Tom Bradby.

He claimed the Prince and Princess of Wales failed to welcome his wife into the family.

And Harry said it was hard for him as he’d always “hoped” the four of them would get on.

It comes as:

  • Harry sensationally says he and Meghan never accused royals of being racist
  • The duke blasted Camilla as a ‘dangerous villain’ and called her the ‘other woman’
  • Prince Harry said Charles wasn’t equipped to be a single dad
  • He said the ‘stereotype’ of Meghan as a ‘divorced biracial American’ stopped Kate & William from welcoming her
  • Harry revealed he was ‘happy’ for the Queen as she lay on her deathbed as it meant she’d be reunited with Philip
  • The duke said there was never a ‘Fab Four’ with him, Meghan, Kate and William – as they didn’t get on ‘from the get-go’

Prince Harry also told ITV that he, nor Meghan Markle, has never accused the royal family of racism.

This comes after, speaking to Oprah in 2021, the couple claimed someone in the royal household had shockingly questioned how dark their son’s skin would be.

But in a dramatic U-turn, Harry told interviewer Tom Bradby in his 90-minute interview they never made a racism accusation.

Harry also launched an extraordinary attack on Camilla last night in his second interview, labelling his step mother “dangerous”.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, also told presenter Anderson Cooper on CBS’s 60 Minutes that Camilla was the “villain” as his father’s “other woman”.

And he accused the Queen Consort of showing an “open willingness” to trade information with the press as she campaigned to marry Charles. 

Asked why he referred to Camilla, 75, as dangerous in Spare, Harry said: “Because of the need for her to rehabilitate her image. 

“That made her dangerous because of the connections that she was forging within the British press.”

Harry also relived his final moments with his grandmother the Queen during the chat.

The Duke of Sussex has already made a number of extraordinary allegations against his brother William