Prince Harry’s ‘face and demeanor shows he is happier in the US’ after moving stateside with Meghan Markle, says expert


PRINCE Harry is much happier in the US – according to a royal expert.

He made the move overseas to Meghan’s hometown of California in March 2020, alongside Archie.

Prince Harry is much happier abroad, a royal expert has said

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their young son Archie spent six weeks in Canada between November 2019 and January 2020, before permanently making the move to North America.

The coronavirus pandemic pushed up their plans to settle, moving to Malibu in Los Angeles in March to avoid the borders between USA and Canada closing – and they have been there ever since.

Harry, 37, is so content in the US he will even miss Christmas with the Queen this year – her first one without Prince Philip.

Royal editor for the Daily Mail, Rebecca English, said the Prince’s “face and demeanor” show that he’s much happier in the US.

Speaking on the Palace Confidential podcast she said: “Just by the look on his face and his demeanour, he clearly is a lot happier in the US.”

She wished the Prince good luck – adding it was probably what he was doing in America, compared with his tasks as a Senior Working Royal in the UK, that had led to him becoming much happier.

It comes after another royal expert, Richard Fitzwilliams, said Meghan Markle seemed “happy and relaxed” during a recent interview with Ellen Degeneres.

The Duchess, 40, chatted with Ellen about her and “H’s” relaxed-sounding LA lifestyle.

She told the 63-year-old chat show host about how Archie loved to dance, that the family enjoyed a cute Halloween together, and about an embarrassing haircut she had as a child.

Meghan beamed as she spoke about Halloween this year – and revealed that she dressed Lilibet up as a skunk. 

Meghan explained that her and the family spent this years’ Halloween at home, but the kids were not into dressing up. 

Meghan’s daughter Lilibet, five months, went as a skunk and is said to have looked adorable. 

Meghan said: “Lili was a little skunk.

“Like Flower from Bambi.” 

She also took part in a toe-curling skit that saw her act out cringey instructions.

Ellen made her munch cookies and tortilla chips “like a chipmunk,” tell a joke with no punchline and dress up as a kitten.

Royal expert Richard noted: “It’s an extraordinary slice of American life to watch, and one thing can be absolutely certain – that’s not something Meghan would have ever been able to do as a senior working member of the Royal family.

“The way Ellen handles celebrities, I didn’t think the palace had much to worry about, and they didn’t because she’s cut loose and she’s found freedom.”

The couple seem much more chilled out after moving abroad