Prince William’s smiles are ‘unconvincing’ during Liverpool visit while Kate is ‘defiant’, body language expert reveals

Liverpool - 12.01.23 Prince William, Prince of Wales & Catherine, Princess of Wales officially open the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital during a visit to Merseyside. The new Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which opened its doors in October 2022, is the biggest in the country to provide inpatients with 100% single en-suite bedrooms, improving patient experience, safety and enhanced recovery. Pic: © Max Mumby Max Mumby - +44 7970 799043 [email protected]

PRINCE WILLIAM and Princess Kate have stepped out on a royal engagement for the first time since the release of Prince Harry’s explosive book

The Prince and Princess of Wales were all smiles today as they left Windsor Castle for Liverpool.

Prince William and Princess Kate appear totaly in sync as they greet corwds in Liverpool today

The body language expert reveals William’s smiles seem ‘unconvincing’

But Kate appears defiant as she looks over her shoulder and waves at the crowd

In the bombshell book, Spare, Harry claims that his brother ‘knocked him to the floor’ during an argument about Meghan.

It also claims Meghan was left crying on the floor after exchanging text messages with Kate regarding Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress.

Body language expert, Judi James, reveals to Fabulous that despite Prince William smiling to the crowd of well-wishers, his mind seems to be elsewhere.

Judi said: “William’s smile in the car is unconvincing, more like an attempt to suggest he’s ignoring all the pelting from his brother than a sign of genuine happiness or pleasure.

“His eyes look reflective and the mouth shape looks incongruent.”

The pair arrived in Liverpool to open the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital and put on a big display of togetherness says the body language expert.

She revealed: “When he arrives at the venue the strong wind causes some self-touch rituals that look prompted by anxiety but which are in fact only caused by the struggle he and Kate are having holding their outfits together in what looks like a gale.”

Despite the brisk wind, the pair formed a resilient and dynamic partnership while greeting crowds.

Judi added: “The stronger, more telling, and more positive body language cues come when he and Kate perform a perfect example of togetherness, teamwork, and resilience as they wave to the crowds in unison.

“This looks like their PR moment when they tell the world their official, synchronized response to Harry’s leaks.

“Their feet walk in step and their hands are raised in matching waves that are more modest than the traditional royal wave, and with the flattened palms and slightly splayed fingers creating a suggestion of unity and friendship with the crowds.”

As Kate and William synchronise their talents, the body language expert reveals Kate looks much more at ease in what must be a difficult time for the Prince and Princess.

Judi explained: “Only William’s upper lip gives any hint of effort or suppressed emotions here.

“It is held tight, making his smile look tense, while Kate’s looks more relaxed, with a slightly open mouth making her look genuinely radiant.

“Kate even throws a slightly cheeky-looking, fun, over-the-shoulder smile to the fans that really does seem to suggest it is business as usual.

“Her expression here forms the perfect, defiant response to Harry’s barrage of claims and accusations.”