Princess Charlotte has royal fans in stitches at mum Kate’s Christmas concert as she belts out Away in a Manger

LOTTIE LAUGHS Princess Charlotte has royal fans in stitches at mum Kate's Christmas concert as she belts out Silent Night. Grab, ITV,

PRINCESS Charlotte had royal fans in stitches at mum Kate’s Christmas concert as she was seen belting out Away in a Manger.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ daughter, seven, was caught on camera proudly executing every lyric on the showing of Royal Carols: Together At Christmas tonight.

Princess Charlotte was spotted singing Away In A Manger at the Royal Carols: Together At Christmas

The seven-year-old appeared to be enjoying her time at the service

The young princess was celebrated online as one of the night’s stars

The service, which aired on ITV, was dedicated to the Queen as the Royal family spends their first festive season without the late monarch.

During the TV special, young Charlotte was looked adorable as she sang along to the carols.

Her efforts caught the eye of royal enthusiasts on Twitter who praised her as one of the night’s stars.

One person posted: “As if we couldn’t love Princess Charlotte more.”

Another wrote: “Princess Charlotte looks like she’s enjoying the Carol concert, she looks lovely holding her candle. Bless her.”

Someone else wrote: “It’s so sweet seeing Princess Charlotte grow into such a character, she seems like such a happy and bubbly child.”

A fourth said: “Lovely to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte singing along with the carols today – they are so precious!”

In another incredibly sweet moment, Charlotte was seen flashing a bright smile at her mum when it was announced Hugh Bonneville would read a Christmas letter from Paddington Bear.

Charlotte was overcome with joy, appearing excited as she turned to her mum and gave a huge grin.

One person who noticed the exchange said on Twitter: “Princess Charlotte’s excitement when she heard the words ‘Paddington Bear’ was priceless.”

Another noted: “Princess Charlotte was thrilled to hear the Paddington tribute.”

Someone else said: “Well done the service was lovely. Loved Princess Charlotte’s face light up before Paddington Bear.”

Her mum Kate dazzled as she joined her husband Prince William and their children for her Together at Christmas carol concert.

Kate opened the service by paying tribute to the Queen’s “incredible legacy” and thanked her for “bringing us together” in a touching video message.

The princess, who spearheaded the service with support from The Royal Foundation, said she was “thrilled” to return to the abbey for a second year.

She said: “This Christmas will be our first without Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

“Her Majesty held Christmas close to her heart, as a time that brought people together and reminded us of the importance of faith, friendship and family, and to show empathy and compassion.

“This year, we’ve invited hundreds of inspiring individuals to the service.

“Those who showcase the power of connectedness and community values, allowing us to continue Her Majesty’s tradition of recognising and thanking those who have gone above and beyond to support others.

“Her Majesty leaves with us an incredible legacy and one that has deeply inspired many of us.”

Kate dedicated the service to the Queen and to “all those who are sadly no longer with us”.

She added: “So, whilst Christmas will feel very different this year, we can still remember the memories and traditions we shared.

“Take time to slow down and celebrate with family and friends all the wonderful things that make Christmas so special.”