Princess Charlotte is the spitting image of her great-grandmother the Queen – can you see the resemblance?


THE resemblance between the Queen and her great-granddaughter Princess Charlotte is uncanny.

As Royal enthusiasts can’t help but notice the striking similarities between the pair as they compare pictures of them at the same ages.

Both babies were completely adorable
The Queen at just eight months old in 1927

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge aged 1 in 2016

Both royal ladies have the same facial features from nose, eyes, mouth to a similar dark hair colour.

As they turned 2 in 1928 and 2017, they both had slightly longer hair and were discovering the world around them.

By two a lot already rested on the babies shoulders

The Queen when she was 2 years old in 1928

Princess Charlotte at the age of 2 in 2016

When they turned 3 life began to change for the royal tots.

For Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, her baby brother Louie was born in the same Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital that she was born in.

For three-year-old Elizabeth, her grandfather, George V, whom she affectionately called “Grandpa England”, was suffering a serious illness in 1929 but her regular visits helped to raise his spirits and ultimately aid his recovery.

The Queen and Princess Charlotte ponder what toy to play with next

The Queen at 3 shows off her royal smile in 1929

Charlotte aged 3 visiting her newborn baby brother at St Mary’s Hospital in 2018

By the age of four, both royal girls were changing rapidly as their faces matured a little.

One person wrote on Twitter:”I’ve always said I see so much of Her Majesty, The Queen, in little Princess Charlotte. She’s got the Queen’s eyes!”

Another wrote: “She really is a Windsor! Such a gorgeous girl!’, while a third added: ‘I’ve always thought Princess Charlotte was a mix of the Queen and Prince William.”

Both love the outdoors and thrive in the countryside and gripped flowers in these snaps

The Queen when she was 4 in 1930

Charlotte aged 4 enjoying the great outdoors

At the age of 5 Charlotte was ready to start school and began attending the same one her older brother attended; Thomas’s Battersea.

Charlotte’s peers and teachers call her Lottie, while the Queen goes by Lilibet.

The royal pair match in long winter coats and a similar moody expression
The Queen Mother, the Duchess of York with her baby daughters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in 1931

Princess Charlotte with her older brother Prince George in 2019 on her first day at school

Age 6 the two have the same toothy grin, similar outfit choices and begin to develop their interests and hobbies.

The pair even have similar floral dresses as Princess Charlotte poses for a picture taken in Norfolk by her mother Kate

The Queen age 6 in 1932, wearing a ballet outfit

Princess Charlotte poses a question for environmentalist David Attenborough in 2020

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