Queen and Prince Charles ‘dismayed’ by Harry claims and will be ‘tearing out their hair’, say experts


THE Royal Family will be “dismayed” by Prince Harry’s latest broadside on his “nightmare” life – and William and Charles are ‘”tearing out their hair”, an expert says.

In a new documentary, the Duke claimed Charles left him to “suffer” amid “total neglect” for his mental health – while Meghan wept into her pillow after she was ‘smeared’ by The Firm.

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Prince Harry’s latest interview on his family will cause ‘dismay’, a royal expert says

Kate, Harry and William appeared to be getting on well throughout the day

Phil Dampier said chances of a reconciliation are fading

Doc The Me You Can’t See comes just ten-and-a-half weeks after Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview aired – but features a new slew of complaints at the royals.

And expert Phil Dampier said chances of a reconciliation for the family are fading.

Harry said:

  • Prince Charles didn’t ‘make it right’ for him and brother Prince William after their mother’s car crash death in 1997
  • He turned to drinking and drugs in his late 20s, admitting: ‘I would drink a week’s worth in one day’
  • As a child he was ‘angry’ at the public for the huge outpouring of grief after Diana died at the age of 36
  • He’s convinced the media ‘will not stop’ until wife Meghan Markle ‘dies’
  • Meghan resisted suicidal thoughts because she knew it would be ‘unfair’ for Harry to lose another woman in his life
  • Some of Archie’s first words were “grandma Diana”

“The royals will be dismayed and Charles and William will be tearing out what’s left of their hair,” he said.

“It just seems to be another day and another whinge.

“We need to be respectful of Harry’s mental health, of course, but you do wonder – when he is going to stop?

“How much longer he can do this for?”

The new claims will put an increasing strain on the family, Mr Dampier said – while the likelihood Harry will return to the UK this summer for the unveiling of a statue dedicated to his late mother is looking increasingly remote.

During his latest interview, Harry was particularly critical of his father

He said he suffered ‘total neglect’ when it came to matters of mental health

“I have grave doubts about whether Harry will come back,” he said.

Elsewhere, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said the Royal Family face huge difficulties in how to move forward – particularly after the Queen requested that personal problems were dealt with out of the public gaze.

“There is for the Royal Family a very, very real problem about the way the Sussexes are addressing their unhappiness,” Mr Fitzwilliams said.

“The Queen urged that the issues be dealt with privately as a family. Meghan and Harry don’t seem to be heeding that at all.”

Harry opened up about his struggles with his mental wellbeing and the trauma that haunts him after the death of Princess Diana in the new doc.

And he discussed his wife’s mental health as well as his own – and said Meghan didn’t give into her suicidal thoughts because of how “unfair” it would have been to him after his mother died.

And he alleged Meghan was ‘smeared’ by The Firm ahead of the Oprah interview, which aired in March

Mr Dampier said the latest revelations will force Harry and his family further apart

The chat is also likely to deepen a seeming rift between William and Harry

He singled out Charles for particular condemnation – saying his father did little to help him through his struggles.

“My father used to say to me when I was younger, he used to say to both William and I, ‘Well, it was like that for me, so it’s going to be like that for you’,” he said.

He said he was never given the space or time to mourn Diana’s death – and eventually turned to drinking and drugs to numb his lingering pain.

And he revealed he decided to get therapy after he “acted like a 12-year-old” during a huge row with Meghan – and feared he could lose her.

The five-part celebrity-packed doc was released on Apple TV in the US on Thursday night and the UK on Friday morning.

Piers Morgan – one of Meghan and Harry’s fiercest critics – has already shared his opinion on the programme.

He tweeted: “Oh FFS. Is there no end to Prince Privacy’s victimhood tour?

Constantly abusing his family, knowing they can’t respond, is so pathetic & cowardly. Man up, Harry – and shut up.”

When a follower accused Piers of lacking empathy, he hit back: “What ’empathy’ is Harry showing his family as he constantly trashes them in public?

“It’s grotesquely unfair (they can’t answer back) outrageously hypocritical, and he’s making millions from doing it.”