Queen becomes first royal to BAN fur and will only wear faux pieces


THE QUEEN has become the first member of the royal family to switch to faux fur this year, a senior dresser has revealed.

Writing about Her Majesty‘s style secrets in her new book, The Other Side Of The Coin, Angela Kelly has revealed the monarch will no longer be wearing real fur.

The Queen is thought to be the first royal to shun fur

“If Her Majesty is due to attend an engagement in particularly cold weather, from 2019 onwards fake fur will be used to make sure she stays warm,” she wrote.

Buckingham Palace also confirmed the Queen’s move to faux fur, revealing to the Mail Online that any fur used for the Queen will now be fake.

“As new outfits are designed for the Queen, any fur used will be fake,” they said, but “would not speculate” whether real fur items already owned by the Queen would no longer be worn.

Historically, the Queen has worn an ermine and velvet robe at the State Opening of Parliament – it is unknown whether she will continue to wear this.

The Queen in a leopard coat in 1962

The Queen in a leopard coat in 1962

Her Majesty waves to crowds in 1961

Her Majesty waves to crowds in 1961

In the past, the Queen has been criticised by animal rights campaigners – once for wearing a brown fur coat for a Christmas Day church service in 2015 and also for stepping out in a fox fur-lined coat and matching fox fur hat in 2010.

She was also pictured in 1963 wearing a similar brown fur style.

Animal rights organisation PETA said its staff were “raising a glass of gin and Dubonnet” at the news, adding that it is “a sign of the times”.

However, they also urged Her Majesty to extend the new policy to soldiers in the Queen’s guard, suggesting the bear fur worn on their caps be replaced with “luxurious faux bearskin”.

She also owns a brown fur coat

She also owns a brown fur coat

Her Maj was criticised for wearing fox fur

Her Maj was criticised for wearing fox fur

“Were raising a glass of gin and Dubonnet to the Queen’s compassionate decision to go fur-free,” they said on Twitter.

“In 2019, no one can justify subjecting animals to the agony of being caged for life or caught in steel traps, electrocuted, and skinned for toxic fur items.”

Meanwhile, Animal Aid said they hoped the move would be extended to ceremonial garments, too.

Animal Aid said they hoped it would extend to ceremonial garments, too

Animal Aid said they hoped it would extend to ceremonial garments, too

“With growing awareness about the terrible cruelty caused by fur production, it is certainly positive to hear that the Queen will no longer be using real fur in her new outfits,” they wrote in a statement.

“It is abhorrent that to this day, animals are still condemned to appalling suffering for the sake of fashion, and we are encouraged that the Queen is taking steps to avoid contributing to this.We hope that this policy will also extend to ceremonial garments such as robes.”

Kate has also been spotted in fur

The Queen is believed to be the first member of the family to shun fur, with the likes of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Kate Middleton having been criticised for wearing fur in the past.

Meghan Markle however, is said to be strongly against it and has never been pictured in a garment made from real fur.

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