Queen Elizabeth II news: Desperate Harry & Meghan ‘know time in limelight LIMITED’ as Cambridge kids ‘take centre stage’


MEGHAN & Harry know their time is up as William’s future heir takes centre stage as a “new interesting character”, an expert has claimed.

During the Queen’s Jubilee, The Duke and Duchess’ children Louis, Charlotte & George stole the show, with four-year-old Royal providing star-quality entertainment standing next to The Queen 

Now, Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti has suggested Harry & Meghan may be seeking to get as much attention and earnings, as they knew their time was possibly limited.

He told the Royally Us podcast: “There’s an interesting thing Prince Harry said ages ago that he kind of knew that he had a certain amount of time in the limelight, his 15 minutes. And eventually Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte would become the new, interesting characters.”

Speaking of Harry’s potential overshadowing by the future king, Sacredoti continued “There’ll somebody else who may be as rudderless, directionless because of their position in the succession is such that they’re limited to what they can do in life but they don’t have an obvious constitutional role going forward and in the Royal Family so maybe they’ll go off the rails.”

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