Queen Elizabeth news – The shocking reason Prince Philip was banned from becoming King but Kate Middleton will be Queen


WHEN the Queen became monarch just under 70 years ago, her husband Prince Philip was not given the title of King – however when Prince William takes the throne, his spouse Kate Middleton will be Queen.

Prince Philip was never King – even though his wife was the Queen – and the reason for this is due to an old patriarchal system, where Kings outrank Queens.

However, the rules will be different when Prince William becomes King one day with the Duchess of Cambridge by his side.

It’s likely that Kate will become Queen Consort, and it’s likely that she will opt to be Queen Catherine.

Like Philip, although Kate Middleton wasn’t born into the royal family she can never be Queen in her own right, but she can take the ‘Consort’ role – which is what many wives have done in the past.

Explaining the role, royal expert Marlene Koenig said: “Catherine’s role will certainly change as she will be the consort of the sovereign.

“There is no real constitutional role for a consort, just by tradition.

“She will be the first lady of the land, in terms of precedence.”

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