Queen’ Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee LIVE – Royal panic as experts predict family’s popularity will PLUMMET once she’s gone


ROYAL experts predict that the Monarchy’s popularity will plummet once the Queen has stepped down.

Her Majesty has been incredibly dedicated to her duties since she ascended to the throne in 1952, gaining continuous support from the public.

However writing in the Independent royal expert, Emma Mackenzie, has said that Prince Charles ‘still does not command the kind of popularity’ the Queen enjoys.

Emma said: “Despite his best efforts, the Prince of Wales still does not command the kind of popularity that his mother has enjoyed.

“His latest foreign tour to Canada was seen as far more successful than those undertaken by his brother Edward and son William to the Caribbean.

“Charles does also seem to be deftly handling the duties he is taking on for the Queen.

“However, the latest YouGov polls indicate that he can boast an approval rating of only 50 per cent.

“There is something about him that the British public do not respond to in the same way they do the Queen.”

“In some ways, recent years have seen him vindicated: where once his ardent environmentalism was seen as a strange quirk, the realities of the climate crisis have proven his early warnings to be prescient.” she added.

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