Richard Madeley leaps to I’m A Celeb star Mike Tindall’s defence on GMB after he’s accused of ‘money grabbing’


MIKE Tindall was accused of “prostituting himself” on I’m A Celebrity today after revealing he once accidentally flashed his royal mother-in-law.

Mike ripped his trousers while dancing at a wedding and revealed his novelty boxers that said “nibble my nuts” to Princess Anne.

Richard Madeley defended Mike Tindall on Good Morning Britain today

Mike is starring in I’m A Celeb and told a story about flashing his mother-in-law Princess Anne

Mike seen in his budgie smugglers on I’m A Celeb

Former BBC Royal Correspondent Michael Cole accused Mike Tindall of diminishing the royal family

The rare royal moment was discussed on Good Morning Britain today and host Richard Madeley, who took part in the jungle series last year, said he thought it was “just a cheeky story”.

But former BBC royal commentator Michael Cole said Princess Anne would be “mortified” and added: “Listen, Mike Tindall is a nice guy, a world cup winning hero … what on earth is he doing demeaning himself and diminishing the royal family in this show?

The Good Morning Britain guest ripped into Mike more and said: “He should have a sign on his head saying, ‘I’m only doing this for the money!’ And of course it is a large amount of money.”

Richard lept to Mike’s defence and said: “So what you’re basically saying is shouldn’t be, quote, prostituting himself for the sake of an ITV entertainment programme.

“I did it last year and I wasn’t prostituting myself, I was curious, I thought it was fun..”

Michael replied: “You are a television presenter, and a brilliant one, it is your job.”

He then reminded viewers of a time in 2011 when Mike was fined and suspended by the RFU for throwing a dwarf in a New Zealand bar.

He said: “Now look, Mike’s got form here. This is not his first rodeo. He’s been around the block a few times.”

Viewers agreed with Richard for once as they reacted on Twitter.

One fan said: “Oh leave it out, Mike’s doing so well in there. It’s nice to see someone married to a royal who’s so down to earth.”

Another penned: “Leave Mike Tindall alone you boring old fart.”

A third pointed out that Mike hosts a podcast with his rugby pal James Haskell, and said: “If Princess Ann is ok with Mike doing the podcast I doubt she gives any f***s about him being in the jungle. Plus everyone knows she’s the OG royal.”

Mike, who is married to King Charles’ niece Zara and is I’m A Celeb show’s first-ever Royal Family contestant, is rumoured to have been paid up to £150,000 for his appearance.

Richard was paid his full £200,000 I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! fee, despite leaving after just four days.