Royal Family news latest – Queen ‘BRUTALLY put Meghan Markle in her place during Duchess’ ridiculous tiara tantrum’


THE Queen’s alleged brutal slap down of Meghan Markle over the Duchess’ pre-wedding tiara tantrum has been retold.

The Duchess of Sussex was widely reported to have had a meltdown in the days before her wedding to Prince Harry after being told a tiara she wanted to wear at the ceremony wouldn’t be available for her.

Her behaviour was deemed so unacceptable that news of it soon found its way back to the Queen, according to Andrew Morton, who retells the story in an updated edition of his book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess.

The furious monarch is reported to have snapped to Prince Harry in her typically to-the-point style “She gets what tiara she’s given by me” – firmly putting the demanding Duchess back in her place.

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