Royal Family news latest: Sarah Ferguson & family move as ‘unit’ amid scandal as chance Prince George being King ‘slim’


SARAH Ferguson, The Duchess of York, has said that the royal family ‘moves together as a unit’ in light of recent scandals.

She is the former wife of Prince Andrew and recently declared that she still stands by her wedding vows despite getting divorced back in 1996.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Sarah said of Her Majesty: “She’s such an extraordinary, legendary, iconic monarch that leads by example… at 95-years-old, still carries on.

“And, for me, we get on with it and we move together as a unit”.

In other news, the Royal Family “may never see Prince George become King”.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser has pinpointed how the turmoil facing the Firm didn’t make a “pretty picture” for its future.

Speaking about the change that will happen in the coming years as the Queen’s reign ends, she said: “When that mournful day comes, we might not be only saying goodbye to a truly iconic figure but farewelling the last and final Queen of the UK.

“It will be up to her son, grandson and great-grandson what comes next; they will be fighting for nothing short of survival.”

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