Royal Family news: Prince Andrew branded ‘bizarre’ as disgraced Duke meets crowds at Sandringham


PRINCE ANDREW has been branded “bizarre” after offering odd advice to Brits meeting the Royal Family at Sandringham.

As the Royal Family took part in its annual Christmas walkabout, meeting Brits and wishing them a Merry Christmas, the Duke had a rather strange encounter with some visitors.

Andrew, 62, stopped and ask a woman standing with her dog, “Cold feet?”.

She responded, “Freezing”, to which the disgraced royal replied, “Did you know the trick is to bring a newspaper? Stand on a newspaper and you insulate your feet.”

Onlookers were left baffled by the conversation, with one commenting: “The whole thing was really odd. Andrew stopped in front of us and blurted out the most bizarre advice about keeping warm. I don’t imagine the woman will be testing his theory anytime soon.”

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