Royal Family news – Prince Charles and Camilla’s wedding was ‘TENSE’ with ‘Queen’s body language topping the list’


PRINCE Charles and Camilla’s wedding was ‘tense’ and the ‘Queen’s body language topped the list’ according to a body language expert.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Judi James explained how the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla was ‘tense’, with Harry ‘distancing’ himself from the group in portraits.

She said: ‘This was a tense affair all round, with the Queen’s body language probably topping the list when it came to stoicism and teeth-gritting. 

‘Harry and William performed their usual upbeat and fun-loving double act, with Harry clearly living up to his reputation as ‘the joker prince. 

‘However he appears to be less keen on showing the face of grinning ‘approval’ when it comes to the official portraits.’

She continued: ‘Both William and the Queen are sporting’ intentional gesture’ smiles, a baring of the teeth that looks too forced to be authentic but which shows a desire to be seen to be sociable and polite. 

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