Royal Family news- Prince Harry & Meghan ‘still pushing for royal life’ despite not wanting the ‘association’ with them


MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry are “still pushing for royal life” despite not wanting to be “associated” with them, a royal expert has claimed.

PR expert Lina Citreon discussed the Sussexes’ lifestyle choices with Christina Garibaldi on the latest episode of Royally Us.

Speaking on Royally Us, host Christina Garibaldi said: “They [Harry and Meghan] are one of the most recognisable couples in the world but they also wanted to straddle that royal life.

“You know, when they were told they couldn’t, they’re still using their HRH titles and things, so it seems like they’re still pushing the royal life but don’t really want to be associated with it either”.

PR expert Lida said: “One of the things we’ve learnt is you sometimes don’t get to have it both ways.

“When you think about royal life and pageantry of the institution, there’s lots of rules that come with that and there’s protocols and there’s rewards.

“But celebrity also has rules and protocols and rewards, it also has a lot of risk, being handled is different, being managed is different.”

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