Royal Family news – Selfish Prince Harry ‘doesn’t give a DAMN about Queen, Charles or William & could destroy them all’


PRINCE Harry ‘doesn’t give a damn’ about the Queen, Prince Charles or Prince William, a royal author has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex announced earlier this week that he was writing a bombshell memoir that would reveal his personal opinions on Megxit and life as a senior royal.

The shock news has reportedly left the Royal Family shaken and in a state of panic about exactly what secrets Harry may end up revealing.

Now in a TV interview royal author Robert Jobson claimed that releasing the book showed Harry simply didn’t care about his family’s feelings and could end up destroying them while airing his views.

“I’m just intrigued by it, I’m looking forward to it, to reading it, I think it’s going to have a massive impact upon the Royal Family and certainly upon the relationships with his brother going forward,”

“But what it does show is really Harry does not give a damn actually about the feelings of his grandmother or his brother or his father.

“He doesn’t care, he’s got the money now, he’s independent of his father, he’s independent of the Royal Family and pretty much thinks he can do what he likes and it looks like he can.”

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