Royal fans notice awkward moment Kate Middleton shrugs off Prince Williams PDA on A Berry Royal Christmas


TV VIEWERS have claimed that Kate Middleton shrugged off Prince William when he affectionately touched her shoulder in BBCs A Berry Royal Christmas.

On the festive episode, featuring esteemed cook Mary Berry, fans were distracted by the duchess appearing to snub her husband when he put his hand comfortingly on her back.

TV viewers have claimed that Kate shrugged off Prince William’s hand on BBC’s A Berry Royal Christmas

The documentary showed Mary accompanying the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they visited four royal organisations. 

And the seemingly awkward moment has left TV viewers taking to Twitter, with one saying: She moved with a quickness.

Another pointed out: Kate shaking off William’s hand on her shoulder during #ABerryRoyalChristmas.

And one wrote: What just happened here???? Ouch!

The Duke of Cambridge was seem placing his hand lovingly on his wife’s shoulder before she moved away

Kate and William appeared on the BBC program on Monday with Mary Berry where they competed to make roulades

On the Christmas show, the royal couple, both 37, hosted a party for staff and volunteers from charities that give up their time over Christmas. 

Former Bake Off judge Mary, 84, designed the menu, while the duke and duchess lent a hand with the preparations.

During the event, the couple sat down to chat to some volunteers, and this was when the awkward moment took place.

Many people said they couldnt stop watching the clip, whereas some defended the couple and said it wasnt a moment for public displays of affection.

The duchess told Mary that her family grow their own vegetables at the palace

One person tweeted: I like the way they interact, its professional. I dont want to see excessive hand holding and back rubbing. Its awkward, like youre intruding on a private moment.

Another said: Why cant people just be content with the fact that she didnt feel a PDA was appropriate at that moment/at that event.

And one social media user reasoned: I think he tickled her back or shoulder. She did move but there were no dirty looks or even a facial reaction.

It was not really long enough of a clip to really tell what was going on, but both seem to be in good humour.

The duchess reveals she made a recipe of Marys pizza dough with her kids at Kensington Palace

Typically the duke and duchess tend to be more reserved when it comes to being tactile in public, but they have had sweet moments of affection in the past. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to Kings Cross in October and Kate was seen placing a loving hand on her husbands arm. 

Whatever the reason behind this weeks rebuffing, the BBC show seems to have been a resounding success for the royal parents-of-three, with Kate being hailed a national treasure and future Queen after it aired on Monday.

Kate Middleton revealed she waitressed while at the University of St Andrews  but 'was terrible'
Kate revealed she waitressed while at the University of St Andrews but ‘was terrible’

On the show, Kate also shared that William tried to impress her at university with his cooking. 

The Duchess of Cambridge also opened up to Mary on how she tries to make life as down-to-earth as possible for her children.

On the show, she revealed: We grow our own vegetables. Weve got carrots, beans, beetroot – a massive favourite – Louis absolutely loves beetroot.

We shared how the Royal Family shared a recipe of festive cinnamon stars with fans on Instagram.

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