Sarah Ferguson ‘in talks’ to move into TV following release of new novel


THE Duchess of York is in talks to become a TV mega mogul with the release of her new novel – amid hopes it could become the next Bridgerton.

Sarah Ferguson, 61, has agreed a deal to develop and produce a TV version of her new novel ‘Her Heart for a Compass’.

The Duchess of York could become the next TV mega mogul with her raunchy period drama book

The raunchy period drama has been repackaged and pitched to major networks and streamers as a long running telly series.

Insiders claim that Fergie is in “early talks” with dealmakers and production companies who’ve delivered shows to NBC, Disney stations and Netflix.

Netflix handed a reported £100million to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a content deal.

Fergie has only penned one book so far, but insists that there are “several stories to be told”.

Bridgerton was Netflix’s biggest drama of the last 12 months, eclipsing The Crown.

An LA insider said: “Sarah believes that this book should be taken to the screen.

“She feels that the characters and plotlines are very strong, and that audiences at this time are lapping up this type of content.

“When her book deal came up, she secured the rights to co-produce a TV series and has been working with production houses in the pitching phrase.

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“There have been discussions with networks and streamers with the premise that this series has a Bridgerton feel, and that Sarah plans more novels with these characters.

“There is huge optimism about this project. The book has gotten positive US feedback and she is well liked there.”

Fergie has enjoyed success before in TV when her kids’ books ‘Budgie the Little Helicopter’ became a cartoon series. She also produced 2009 film ‘The Young Victoria’.

Her new book has echoes of Bridgerton as it follows Lady Margaret, whose parents have arranged for her a society marriage.

Shortly before her betrothal is to be announced, Margaret flees, leaving her parents to explain her sudden absence to a ballroom full of distinguished guests.

Fergie had the idea to write romance when she was doing research for the 2009 film Young Victoria, which she produced and which starred Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend.

She said: “I was so immersed in the fabulousness of the history of that period that I then decided I was gonna write a novel.”

She confirmed her hopes to produce a book series, adding: “I’d like this to be a series because I think Lady Margaret could run and run.

“I think there could be lots of different books about Lady Margaret.”

“The good news is that Bridgerton came out after I finished my novel. There could be a little similarity between the author and her heroine.”

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