Scarlette Douglas breaks down in tears on I’m A Celeb after Mike Tindall’s surprise move


TERRIFIED Scarlette Douglas broke down in tears on I’m A Celeb after her co-star Mike Tindall put held a massive spider in front of her.

The A Place In A Sun presenter became overwhelmed after Mike caught a spider with his bare hands and showed the group.

Scarlette Douglas broke down in tears after seeing a spider

The presenter has a long list of phobias

The celebrities were all involved in a challenge to unlock the RV for the chance to have two extra beds.

After the alarm on the RV started going off, the boot opened and a chest appeared with instructions.

Scarlette spotted a large spider in the corner of the RV which Mike collected and removed from camp.  

“It’s a biggie,” said Mike, as he showed it to the camp.

Seeing the spider on his hands, Scarlette began to cry.  

“I know it’s an over reaction”, she admitted.

Chris told her: “It’s not, it’s your reaction.” 

Sue comforted her: “You have a phobia!”  

At the start of the trial, Jill readout instructions to the group before getting involved in the trial.

She read: “Celebrities, inside this box are the keys to the RV where two of you can sleep in comfort. The keys to unlock the box are hanging around camp good luck.”

The celebrities then worked their way around camp, lugging the chest with them to see which keys would open it. 

However, the chest was hiding another smaller chest inside. As keys poured out of the RV’s exhaust, they learned they had to work their way through the pile of keys to open it. 

Inside this chest was 9 keys, one each for the campmates. They took it in turns to try the padlocks on the RV – and it was Owen and Jill whose keys opened them, earning them a bed each inside.  

Boy George joked of its interior: “It’s like the 70s gone wrong.”