Sex abuse victims ask court to order Prince Andrew’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell to reveal whereabouts


SEX abuse victims have asked a court to order Ghislaine Maxwell to reveal her whereabouts – after a team of private detectives failed to track her down.

The socialite – accused of being the pimp of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein – has not been seen since last summer, when the billionaire beast killed himself in prison.

Prince Andrew’s socialite pal Ghislaine Maxwell has not been seen since her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein allegedly killed himself in prison

Maxwell – a close friend of Prince Andrew – is being investigated by the FBI over allegations that she procured girls for Epstein and is also being sued by a number of his victims.

Now lawyers for Annie Farmer, who claims that Maxwell and Epstein molested her, have filed court papers claiming that the Brit has implied “she is no longer a resident of New York”.

Her attorneys add – in papers seen by HOAR – that the “court should require her to provide the factual basis for that argument by testifying at an evidentiary hearing”.

The attempt to draw Maxwell, 58, into revealing her address comes after another Epstein victim, Jennifer Araoz, said private investigators could not find her either.

Ms Araoz claims Maxwell participated in a sex trafficking ring with Epstein, but her lawyers grew frustrated at not being able to serve the accomplice with court papers.

In a court filing, they said that Araoz “has made repeated efforts to locate Ms Maxwell, including retaining private investigators to conduct surveillance” to no avail.

HOAR has offered a £10,000 reward for information leading to us successfully making direct contact with Maxwell in person.

Sources close to her claim she is being forced to move from safe-house to safe-house because of death threats.

She has been linked to countries all over the world, including the US, the Caribbean, Brazil, France and Israel.

Jennifer Araoz has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was 15

Annie Farmer has accused Maxwell of trafficking her Epstein's New Mexico ranch

Annie Farmer has accused Maxwell of molesting her with Epstein
Prince Andrew has suggested that the photo of him with his arm around Roberts is fake
Maxwell is accused of being the pimp of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein