Stacey Solomon shares her extreme house-tidying tips amid friendship with Mrs Hinch


STACEY Solomon has been making a bold bid in recent weeks for the coveted title of Britain’s tidiest person.

The 30-year-old Loose Women star has unveiled a range of ingenious – and often downright bizarre – inventions for keeping her home tidy.

Stacey Solomon shares her incredibly neat home with boyfriend Joe Swash

Some of her storage hacks even threaten to eclipse her pal, the queen of clean Sophie ‘Mrs Hinch’ Hinchcliffe.

This week, Stacey unveiled her latest DIY fix – a curtain rail that she attaches light snacks to, arranged neatly by colour.

She giggled: “Honestly I just say here cracking up at myself for how happy this has made me. Why do I love it so much?”

A similar idea was on display in her bathroom storage unit, where five flannels, three sponges and a brush were suspended from clips.

She has her snacks hanging from a rail organised by colour

There is a similar idea at work with her flannels on clips too

Stacey’s wire drawer must surely be the tidiest in Britain

Most of us have a drawer teaming with snake-like tangles of wires – but not Stacey, who has a load of adapters organised in neat lines.

Thanks to some clips she bought from Ikea, each one is stored with its plug nearly facing down with the wires coiled up behind it.

She even has a zip-up container for batteries that are kept apart from one another in special holes for safety reasons.

And her treasure trove of jewellery is also perfectly organised, with a drawer containing plastic compartments for each variety.

Her batteries live in a special container with a home for each one

Stacey’s jewellery collection is – of course – meticulously organised

The stars jeans are stored in neat rows in a drawer