Stacey Solomon shows off impressive dream catcher she made to ‘take her mind off the world’ during lockdown


STACEY Solomon is fast becoming the Queen of home crafts and showed off a stunning dream catcher she made this week during lockdown. 

The Loose Women star, 30, used a few cheap items to make the white wall hanging, and said making it was perfect for “taking her mind away from the world.”

Stacey Solomon has revealed how she had a stunning dream catcher during lockdown to ‘take her mind away from the world’

Stacey wrote on her Instagram Stories: “I’m so in love with it and actually so proud. It was the best thing for taking my mind away from the world as well.”

This comes just days after shutting down rumours she’d split with partner Joe Swash, with whom she shares son Rex. 

Stacey explained how she bought the dream catcher hoop on Amazon, and wrapped it in string. 

You then need to loop the string round the edge and then keep going until you reach the centre, to make the spiral pattern. 

 She is currently isolating with boyfriend Joe and her sons

She is currently isolating with boyfriend Joe and her sons
Stacey bought a dream catcher hoop from Amazon and then wrapped it in string

She then attached string at intervals, and then kept looping until a pattern was created and she reached the centre

After trimming the hanging string, she then added some crystals and flowers as she “loves a gem & a fake scrub.”

The finished result looked very impressive and as though it could have been brought in a shop. 

It’s not the first arts and crafts item Stacey has made during lockdown, and recently created a chic bathroom storage out of old plant pots for her stash of ‘smellies’.

This comes just days after Stacey was forced to address rumours they’d split after her an announcement she was taking a break from social media for ‘personal reasons’. 

Stacey looped some extra string on the bottom, and trimmed the edges
To add some bling, she placed gems on the woven design
Stacey said she was really happy with her finished result, and showed it off to her millions of followers

Stacey hadn’t provided details on her personal life however worried fans spotted Joe had been absent from her social media and asked if the pair have broken up.

Addressing the speculation, she posted a photo of them holding hands to reassure fans they were still very much together and wished her loyal followers well during these “really strange, scary and emotional times”.

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