The One Shows Alex Jones rules out having a third child for the sake of the planet like Prince Harry


THE One Show’s Alex Jones has ruled out having a third child “for the sake of the planet” – just like Prince Harry.

The 35-year-old royal previously revealed that he and wife Meghan Markle will only have “two children maximum” as he shared his concerns for the Earth’s future.

Alex won’t be having any more children

And 42-year-old Alex’s husband, Charlie Thomson, echoes his sentiment – with Alex spilling all in a new interview.

When asked if she’d consider having more kids, the TV favourite shared: “Charlie is adamant that for the sake of the planet, two children is enough.

“And I think Im too old to have another child now, anyway.

“It happens for a lot of people and good for them, but were just glad we have two healthy children.”

The star welcomed son Kit in May last year
Prince Harry said that he and Meghan are too concerned about the planet to have more than two children
Alex’s husband Charlie shares the royal’s beliefs

Alex gave birth to second child Kit in May 2019, with the pair already mum and dad to three-year-old Teddy.

Speaking to Good Housekeeping, the star admitted that she made “unrealistic promises” before having her first child, explaining: “Id never had a child before; I had no idea.

“And I had this fear it would interfere, that Id have to compromise my work life.

“I now realise that was ridiculous because in fact I think I makes you better at work. It makes you a little bit more resilient which is what you have to be in this industry. And in life!”

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However, she also insisted that it can be a “struggle” to balance motherhood and her career, with Alex recently celebrating 10 years on the BBC’s The One Show.

She shared: “I try to be the best mother I can be, but some days Im absolutely awful at it.

“Life isnt this series of perfect days where work is going amazingly and youre a brilliant wife… Thats how it is for everybody I think, but people are just too scared to say it.”

Read the full Alex Jones interview in the April of Good Housekeeping, on sale from the 26th February.