The Queen didnt visit Prince Philip in hospital as she wanted to respect his wishes and other patients privacy, royal expert claims


PRINCE Philip stayed in hospital for four nights after being admitted for a “pre-existing condition” but has now been able to head to his family for Christmas.

But some royal fans have been asking why the Queen and the likes of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry didn’t visit him during his stay.

Prince Philip has left hospital today in time to spend Christmas at Sandringham with the Queen and the Royal Family

The Queen is currently in Sandringham for Christmas, as is tradition, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are spending the holidays in Canada.

The 98-year-old Duke of Edinburgh left just before 9am this morning on his fifth day at the King Edward VII’s Hospital in London.

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter took to Twitter to explain why it is normal for the royal family to not visit each other during hospital stays.

She wrote: After seeing some pretty horrid comments about the Queen being at Sandringham while Philip is in hospital Id like to TRY to add a little perspective.

Philip left the London facility after four days to spend the holidays with his wife

Generally royals dont visit each other in hospital.

There are always exceptions but sensible thinking is at the core not a lack of sensitivity. 

Were the Queen to visit him the security requirements alone would be incredibly disruptive. 

Conscious of other patients undergoing treatment they dont want to cause undue stress for them or their families.

Not only are they very private when it comes to medical issues they also want to avoid further speculation. 

Philip of all of the royals abhors any kind of fuss and he would want the Queen to continue as normal for the rest of the family – children, grandchildren.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter revealed her views on Prince Philip’s stay

Victoria said that typically royals don’t visit each other in hospital

Victoria explained that royals have visited each other during previous hospital stays but this is not the norm and the decision is made with consideration of the public. 

She said: Its all about the regular members of the public that would be affected. 

That to me suggests an awareness and lack of selfishness as opposed to the ugliness thats being touted.

Every royal decision is made because its sensible. Nothing more nothing less. 

The Queen is currently in Sandringham for Christmas, as is tradition

Philip is pretty set in his ways and the Queen above anyone will be keen to respect his wishes. I hope royal watching proves to be a little less contentious on 2020.

Theyre not horrible people but rather a family whose every move is analyzed and criticized. 

Perhaps a little empathy would be nicer than throwing stones…especially at Christmastime.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently skipping seeing the family this year for a break in Canada

HOAR revealed last month the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would miss the Queens traditional Christmas Day gathering at Sandringham.

However, some some Royals have said Harry and Meghan should break their six-week long Canadian visit due to the circumstances.

Buckingham Palace has been contacted for comment.

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