The Queen has an ‘exact’ place for everything, and will be ‘bloody angry’ if you move anything, Princess Anne revealed


THE Queen is well known for mucking in with the washing-up after a picnic or barbecue, but guests should be warned never to help her tidy up.

The monarch has an “exact” place for everything, and according to her daughter Princess Anne, will be “bloody angry” if you move anything.

The Queen has an exact place for everything in her home, and will be “bloody angry” if you move anything

Writing in her book Lady in Waiting: My Exraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown, Lady Anne Glenconner revealed she had received a stern word when attempting to help with the chores.

Anne, who worked as Princess Maragret’s lady in waiting, and her husband Colin had joined the family on one of their “grand picnics” when the Queen put on some Marigold gloves to clean up.

She explained: “The first time we went on one of these grand picnics, Colin and I started to carry things back to the mobile kitchen, helping to clear up.

“Suddenly from behind we heard Princess Anne bellowing at us: ‘what are you doing?’”

Princess Margaret’s lady in waiting learned of the Queen’s exacting standards while on a picnic with the royal family

Lady Anne Glenconner is a lifelong friend of the royal family

Anne then explained that they were putting things away and she hoped they were putting things in the right place.

Princess Anne replied: “Well, I hope you are, because if you’re not the Queen will be bloody angry with you.”

Lady Anne wrote: “The thought of the Queen being ‘bloody angry’ at us was enough to stop us helping at once, realising that the Queen took great care and that keeping everything in exact order was her first rule.”

Lady Anne is the eldest child of the 5th Earl of Leicester.

As well as working as a Lady in Waiting for Margaret, she was also a Maid of Honour at the Queen’s coronation and is a lifelong friend of the royal family.

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