The Queen must get a grip before Prince Andrew torches the future of the Firm


Palace in crisis

PRINCE Andrews staggering self-destruction on TV has exposed a Royal Family driving off a cliff with no one at the wheel.

It seems unfair to urge the Queen, at 93 and after an exemplary 67-year reign, to take back control but she must.

Prince Andrew’s image is in shreds – the Queen must get a grip before the whole Firm’s image is torched

Her supposedly favourite son, his image in shreds, now faces the further humiliation of being grilled by the FBI over his paedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrews excuses were paper-thin, his denials ambiguous. He showed no empathy for Epsteins victims and even tried to elicit pity for his own mental health.

Under the deluded misapprehension that he could clear the air and blithely plod on with his meagre duties, he managed to shame the family and make a bad situation infinitely worse.

Meanwhile his nephew Harry is freelancing almost equally recklessly.

He squandered all goodwill towards him and wife Meghan by hectoring us about our carbon footprint while globe-trotting in private jets and by fundamentally misunderstanding the contract between Royals and the paying public.

His war on the Press, partly for daring to point this out, is deranged.

The Princes are torching the Royals image, beyond Palace control. Public affection for the institution is in peril.

The Queen must get a grip on the entire family before damage is irreparable.

No contest

WHAT a charade yesterday as the CBI auditioned the Tories and Labour to judge which will be better for business.

Lets see. Boris Johnson would freeze corporation tax at almost the lowest level in Europe, slash rates for smaller firms and unleash investment by sorting Brexit immediately.

Boris Johnson told business chiefs that he will unleash investment opportunities for Brexit Britain

Labour would nationalise industries with minimal compensation, dramatically hike corporation tax and swipe ten per cent of every large firm. Its Brexit chaos would guarantee more crippling uncertainty and investor flight.

Yes, Labour backs Remain, like the CBI.

But any sane person knows which party will nurture business and job-creation and which would destroy both.

Get serious, PM

BORIS Johnson will make a terrible mistake in tonights TV showdown if he fails to take Corbyn seriously.

There is much about Labours leader to mock. But Corbyn is no joke. He is a danger to our security and economy.

The threat Corbyn poses to Britain is no joke – Boris must take the debate seriously

Underdogs in TV debates have little to lose and Corbyn will know his script.

Boris must project his famous optimism and the determination to see Brexit through, bring Britain together and revive left-behind communities.

But he must be forensic, too, in dismantling Corbyns Marxist insanity.

A blizzard of witty one-liners wont wash. He is a far more credible PM than Corbyn but he must prove it.