The Queen once admitted to ‘begrudging’ the amount of work she has to do as she would ‘rather be outdoors’


IT IS easy to forget that as well as a royal title being the Queen is a 24/7 busy job too, and the monarch herself has admitted that it does occasionally become a chore.

Speaking in the BBC documentary Elizabeth R, the monarch said that she does sometimes “begrudge” the amount of work she has to do as she would rather be outdoors.

The Queen once admitted that she “begrudged” the amount of work she has to do

Describing her role she said: “Most people have a job and then they go home and in this existence the job and the life go on together because you can’t really divide it up.

“The boxes and the communications just keep on coming and of course modern communications come even quicker.

“Luckily I’m a quick reader so I can get through a lot of reading in a short space of time although I do rather begrudge the number of hours I have to do rather than being outdoors.”

However, there is one element of her work that the Queen relishes reading and that is letters from royal fans.

The monarch admitted that she would rather be “outdoors” than stuck inside reading

She explained: “ I have always had the feeling that letters are rather personal things, and people write them thinking that I am going to open them and read them.

“I don’t open all of them obviously because I don’t have time to do that.It does give one an idea of what is worrying people and what it is they feel I can do to help.

However, she did admit to enjoying reading the letters she receives from the public

“I’ve always had this feeling that letters are written to me and I like to see what people want to write to me.”

Her Majesty can reportedly get up to 300 letters a day from royal fans and Heads of State, according to The Telegraph.

Naturally, The Queen doesn’t have the time to reply to every message – but there’s a system in place to make sure they all receive a response.

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