The Queen owns a massive Primark and shes got a stake in a nearby McDonalds too


THE Queen owns her very own branch of McDonalds, as well as a giant Primark and a Marks & Spencer store.

The 93-year-old has a massive property portfolio worth 13 billion, including racecourses, forests and even a wind farm, as well as owning all the swans in the UK.

Among the Queen’s vast property portfolio is a McDonald’s

Among her vast empire is the Banbury Gateway Shopping Park, in Oxfordshire, which sits on land belonging to The Crown Estate.

Which means the Queen is technically the owner of the McDonalds on the site, as well as all the other shops and restaurants, including a giant Primark and a Starbucks.

The retail park’s website says: Get your fashion-fix at flagship stores such as Next, M&S, Primark and River Island.

The Crown Estate manages land and property on behalf of the Queen, but she doesnt personally own it.

You can get yourself a royal Big Mac next time you’re in town

The Queen technically owns all the shops and restaurants at the retail park

The Crown Estate portfolio estimated to be worth 8.1 billion – belongs to the Sovereign, and will be passed down to Prince Charles when he becomes king.

All the money raised from the various Crown Estate sites including the McDonalds goes to the Treasury, and not to the Queens coffers.

The fast food chain opened at the Banbury retail park in 2015, but its not the first one the monarch has owned.

She was previously the proud owner of another McDonalds drive-through at Sloughs Bath Road Retail Park, although The Crown Estate sold off the land last year for 177 million.

The Queen owned a McDonald’s in Slough before it was sold off

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