The Queen sassed chef Rick Stein after he cooked for her – but he praised her ‘great sense of humour’


THEY say you should never bite the hand that feeds – but when you’re The Queen of England, that rule doesn’t quite apply.

One man who knows this all too well is television chef Rick Stein – who has has had the honour of cooking for The Queen over the course of his 40-year career.

Celebrity chef Rick Stein recalled his hilarious encounter with The Queen

In an interview with PA, Rick described cooking for Her Majesty as “a high moment” – made only better by her great sense of humour.

He reflected: “I cooked for the Queen once. I did turbot, which is one of my favourite fish.”

But while the chef was working hard to get everything right for the most important person he’d ever prepare a meal for, The Queen reportedly took one look and said: “Oh you’re the cook.”

What’s more, the chef recalled another occasion in 2012 where he met The Queen with Jamie Oliver.

The chef said the monarch has a ‘great sense of humour’

Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver pictured meeting The Queen in Buckingham Palace in 2012

He explained: “Once, we were at Buckingham Palace, it was a kids’ schools cookery competition and one of the finalists was from Cornwall, so I was invited and Jamie Oliver was invited, and I was standing in a line-up with name tags.

“She peered at mine and says, ‘Philip likes your programme’, and then looks at Jamie’s and says, ‘He likes yours too, so you must be doing something right!’

Rick added: “She’s got a sense of humour, I do like her.”

Last year, The Queen’s personal dresser revealed Her Majesty has a ‘wicked sense of humour’ and loves mimicking accents as she gave a rare insight into their friendship.

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