The Queen was crippled by OCD as a kid and only felt safe when things were in order, explosive new book claims


THE Queen suffered crippling OCD as a child, a book claims.

Her Majesty, 94, said she only felt safe when she knew things were in order.

The Queen was ‘crippled by OCD as a child’
Her Majesty only felt safe when she knew things were in order, the new book claims

Her late teacher, Marion Crawford, said the Queen would arrange her pencils into perfectly straight, equally spaced lines. She displayed similar behaviour with her lunch plates.

In her book The Governess, author Wendy Holden writes: “Marion, whose training encompassed child psychology, now realised she was looking at obsessive compulsion.

“This cosseted, regularised environment was the very last place she had expected to find it.

‘Why do you do that?’ she asked Elizabeth.

“The princess looked up, staring at her with candid blue eyes.

‘Because it makes me feel safe.’ ‘Safe?’ echoed Marion. ‘Safe from what?’”

But the pair were interrupted when the Queen’s mother walked in and Marion never got an answer.

Princess Elizabeth pictured working on her studies at a desk in Windsor Castle on 22nd June, 1940
Princesses Elizabeth (left) and Margaret studying with a corgi sleeping at their feet (pictured on 22nd June, 1940)

Princess Elizabeth and her younger sister Princess Margaret pictured on 15th May, 1939

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